the internet is coming after you!

sometimes, the thought of switching on the laptop is pretty daunting. i much rather stick to my iTouch and Omny and stay connected there.

yes, their screen might be small and all but I like how much “control” I have over the rate information is sent to me. i can just abandon them and stick to my books if i want. and it helps that FB doesn’t really load properly on iTouch.  Information or updates come to me as and when I want.

but when I switch on the laptop, it’s different. MSN logs in by itself, FB is on, plurk is on and tweetdeck is on. I can switch off MSN and all of that but it’s just different? Information gets sent to me whether I want it or not. Tweetdeck rings every other minute, MSN sounds with emails and log ins and Facebook! with the “Show __ new posts”. Scary!

So yeah. It somehow feels like the internet is coming after me! URGH!

Wanted to stay offline today but I want to take a look at my photos from yesterday. Should be going off in awhile. Really tired.


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