Project Runway S06E02(:

Watched episode 2 on Saturday actually. Just that I got distracted by The Amazing Race so I didn’t come around to blogging. Heh.

Episode 2 has a little a bit of ego flying around. But it was pretty funny as well(:

The task? The designers are supposed to design a maternity dress for Supermodel, Rebecca Roijm! She’s expecting twins! Wheee~ Haaha. Hmm. Since Heidi Klum is also pregnant, will the end of year VS show be missing 2 supermodels? Eeeps! Then again, I am not updated on my news! Perhaps both of them have already given birth!

Something different this season? The designers don’t get to choose their model! They are just stuck with who they are assigned to? Well, that’s the case as of Episode 2(:

To the clothes! Nothing fantastic. Lots of draping! But favorites – okay, just one!

Althea's Design     Modeled by Tanisha

Althea's Design Modeled by Tanisha

Not bad eh? Can barely see that she is pregnant!

Okay, nothing much le. Off to makan and sleep(:


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