the restaurant manager and my d300(:

so, we celebrated the grams’ birthday at LingZhi tonight. naturally, we wanted to take a family photo.

i handed over my d300 with my 50mm and the manager went, “..can zoom anot?” i think he was concern that we will all look like ants because 50mm is so tiny. but when he looked into the camera, he was shocked! he pulled back and went, “woah!”

he walked to the end of the room and still couldn’t fit everyone in so i decided to switch to my 18-200mm.

everything was fine and dainty. but after the first 2 shots, he asked if we wanted to take more shots. he added, “..the sound of the shutter quite shiok ah..”


BEWARE! the sound of a DSLR can be intoxicating 😛


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