my cousin once told me.

back in secondary 4, my cousin (who is also my teacher) once told me that our parents are not very accustomed to showing their affection. no hugs, no thank yous or anything. they just love you quietly.

and she also told me that that shouldn’t stop us from showing our affection for them. that was when i started hugging my granny whenever i see her and patting my mum on her back on and off. recently, i started writing notes to them (: if you are on my FB, you would have seen the first one.

this weekend, they are going overseas to KL. and i wrote another note to them:

bon voyage, mum and dad! (:

bon voyage, mum and dad! (:

For translation, just go to my FB.

And they replied with a longer reply this time! (The previous time, it was just a note to tell me that they are leaving.)

remember to drink water!

remember to drink water!

I think it’s written by the dad with the mum nagging about the food part 😛 The water part is from both of them. Haahahaha.

And yups, they are so afraid that I am too lazy to go buy food, they bought an entire stock pile of food!

cup noodles and cakes!

cup noodles and cakes!

Yups. One for every meal until they come back. LOLS.

So yups. Just because our parents don’t show their affection for us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show them ours? It might feel werid at the beginning. but you never know how one hug, one thank you or just some small gestures is going to make someone’s days(:

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