about me(:

Just some random facts about me that I think I need to state/clarify (:

1. I make fun of myself

Like what my FB status said last night. Sometimes, I say and do things on purpose to make people laugh. I know it will make me look stupid. But if the mood is lightened up, if people are happy then I really don’t mind that the joke is on me. I like to make people happy(:

But please, do not mistake that for stupidity. Some of you might think that I am actually stupid or bimbotic. While I may be those once in a while (who is not?), I am definitely not those all the time. Therefore, sometimes, I see no need to censor myself.

2. I do sweet things for friends.

I think this is a fact that everyone in Deyi knows. I like to do random stuff for friends and I take care of them like I am their nanny. If they have sore throat, I will throw lozenges at them. If they are sad, I will be there to offer hugs. I will go out of my way to help them.

This extends to classmates, family, colleagues and teachers.

This ‘personality’ of mine is just ingrained. It really doesn’t matter that peopel doesn’t appreciate. I just do it because I like it and I know that there’s a small probabilty that those people will actually be happy (: I like to keep my friends happy(:

However, sometimes, people mistake these small gestures of mine as me liking the person. As in like-LIKE. Please do not make that mistakes. Don’t feel threaten by it. I just do it, because I think it’s nice. I would love it if someone do the same for me when I am in the situation. And hence, I do it for the person.

It’s not because I am in love with them or anything.

3. A crybaby never runs out of tears

My nickname when I was young was crybaby. I cry over and about almost everything. HAHAHA! And I think even now, 22 years later, I am still the same.  I cry when I am upset or when I can’t figure things out. Just that I don’t necessarily do it publicly these days.

I just like to cry. Sometimes after crying, I will feel puzzled and go, “What the hell was that for?” but it sorta makes me feel better? Kinda.

But when I cry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am sad. I just want to let things out and hopefully some of the underlying issues will solve itself or reveal itself. I am still normal. The chirpy girl that I am.

TK said, “..I don’t get it. You sound so emo but when I see you, you look alright.” Yups.

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