Portrait Class and Lesson Learnt(:

Had portraiture class yesterday with the rest of E02 (: Pretty fun!

Favorite shot –



Not as brave as the laoshi or Melvyn, so I went out to the balcony and sat on the balcony ledge instead. And I quite like this shot (: Especially the background.

Someone suggested that I turned the following shot in B&W (hopefully it’s the correct one) –

black & white.

black & white.

Probably more tinkering needs to be done though. But yups!

Lesson Learnt

While going through my photos, you will see that my focus is a bit koyak (that seems to be my favorite word of the month). It is either on the skirt, on the nails or everywhere else BUT the face!

wrong wrong wrong. haiyo!

wrong wrong wrong. haiyo!

Have checked that my camera was not in continuous mode so I have 2 explanations –

1. As I use my left eye (even though i am a right-hander) to look through the viewfinder, my forehead presses again the button and hence shifting my focus box to jump. KNS! Must lock it in the future.

2. (And this is probably the MAIN result) I got too distracted and excited by all the buzz and fuzz around me that I sort of anyhow focus. I didn’t want to lose the moment! So I just made sure that I am focusing somewhere and then *SNAP* GAH!

So, note to self. Calm down and concentrate(:

Another thing is…major FAIL.  I love bokeh. bokeh bokeh bokeh! So when I am using my 50mm, I like to push my aperture DOWN to F1.8. But the thing is, when I am shooting something that doesn’t need a bokeh, I forgot to change the aperture! So my focus was kinda thin. Yups. This can be chucked to the easily excitable factor too.



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