dancing in the streets.

ever since that SIA Oktoberfest event, I feel like dancing. it doesn’t help that my entire body was aching. when that happens, i always want to cuddle up and then move some more.

so after a great session of mdealing and falling asleep on the train home, i plugged in my itouch and blasted the music. hoping that it will give me some energy to push me home.

and it did more than that.

the streets were relatively quiet. one or two cars will pass by. deyi was empty, so was the basketball court.

when “Get on the Floor” from FAME OST came on, i started dancing. it started with a little skipping. but as the music got louder, it got more than that.

when i reached my block, i almost didnt want to go home šŸ˜›

one word: SHIOK.

i dont need you to let go. i can have fun by myself.


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