Photography Workshop for HI friends(:

Me being me. Was reluctant and kind of shy to signed up to help for the workshop. But when I saw that Guo Wei and Serene are going, I just signed up. Nothing like pushing yourself to join something that’s worthwhile (:

Met Eddy Wee for a quick lunch (where I was horribly late) before walking over to YMCA with Serene and Carolyn! All of us was kinda excited and scared at the same time? What if we can’t communicate with them? And what if our skills suck? It was with this mix of feelings that we arrived at the classroom.

We were split into groups. 2 HI friends to 1 volunteers and as there’s not enough interpreters around, we had to write(:

my notes(:

It was like having Beginner’s Class all over again! And no matter how many times I attend the class (3rd time including this one), I think I learn something “new”. Not new new. But as in points that I know but forgot and then never practice! HAHAHA! And I shoot almost every week *depressed* NAH!

We had a short practical session at the rooftop of YMCA too!

practical (:

All in all, it was an interesting and fun experience(: I learnt some sign language too! Which includes Facebook, clumsy, uncle, shutter and thank you (:

Seeing that I will be jobless soon enough, I hope to volunteer a lot more. Giving tuitions, helping out with admin stuff and the random whatnots.

Here’s a picture of me and my 2 ‘students’ –

new found friends (:

Hopefully you guys learnt something and I didn’t teach the wrong things to you guys! đŸ˜› Take good care and keep in touch ya? (:

And a group shot!

group shot!

Thanks, everyone ! For a wonderful Saturday afternoon (:

And don’t you just love this shot of me?

i became a rockstar! credits to Ben Tan!



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