and here we go again.

Last night, I was just lamenting about how I tend to “swear” alot more in November/December.

And during dinner, I was just telling ber how songs and catchy jingles are now easily burnt into my mind. How they will go on infinite loop in my head.

And now, I think, it is safe to say that, the clauds is back. klutzy. claudsy.

Remember how I used to entertain you guys with my silly antics of walking into doors and tripping over myself? Well, THEY ARE BACK!

I nearly tripped over myself twice today. And I just walked into my door and somehow slam-dunked my elbow against it. A huge blue-black is already forming!

The Plurk gang is so going to laugh when they see it tomorrow.

Everybody, I’m baaaaacccckkkkk!!


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