Halloween @ Mint Museum(:

Have always wanted to visit the Mint Museum! I mean, it’s a museum full of TOYS! nothing else but TOYS! (:

So when I received the invite on FB, I immediately RSVP-ed and skipped all the way home! Heheh.

and on we go!

It was Halloween so we had to dress up. But being the lazy bum that I was, I didn’t. I just came up with a really crap excuse and said that, “..I am Lara Croft (without the boobs)..” Hahahahahaa. But luckily, Kim brought alot of stuff for us (: So, I settled for a pirate hat!

credits to Serene (:

Yohoho! Merry Christmas! Oh wait. That’s Santa Clause. What does a pirate do again? *thinks* Auurrrgghh. Me maties! Hahahaa. So as we hanged around the entrance some more, more and more stuff got added to my head-.- I became a devil pirate. And then a devil pirate who had a bat for a pet. A pet bat that flies above my head.

credits to Darren(:

We walked around the museum for a bit and took some pictures. Interesting thing was that there’s an ‘allocated’ activity for each level. There’s crystal reading, tarot reading, drawing and the party floor. The queues were super long 😦 So no crystal and tarot reading for me. BUT I WANT!!

xavier looking at the toys.

I don’t know. All the toys don’t look like toys to me! More like…Random stuff? I can’t imagine any kids taking them play with them like how I played with my cooking set and Hotwheels race car! But then again, it might be me getting old.

Oh! I saw alot of string holders!  What are they? Hmmm.

We proceeded to the party level after awhile and that’s when all the shooting frenzy happened! HAHAA! I cannot remember how many pictures we took. But we kept exchanging costumes and taking pictures.

Here’s my 2nd costume –

credits to Guo Wei (:

Totally retro can? I think I can fit into Faye Wong’s 浮躁 MV just nice. Or perhaps the Pussycats from Archie comic! hahahah. Think too much sia!

credits to Shirly (:

See! Everyone is so dressed up! I’m lucky that Kim brought extra! Thanks, Kim! (:

While the adults got trigger happy, the kids are oddly obedient and quiet! Especially Xavier! He kept pointing to the guitar of the lead singer and asked, “What’s that?  I want to hear him play!” So cute(: And for someone so active like him, he actually slowed down and waited. When the singer stated playing, he actually sat down, listen to him and swayed to the music. Maybe he is musically talented!


All in all, it was an interesting trip to the museum!

Thank you so much for the invite, Riley! (:

More pictures at http://bit.ly/1fEiq2


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