let’s try to explain this.

Victor commented, “..You look happier after you have quit your job..” and not to jinx anything, I have to agree. Barring that I have been unemployed for barely a week,  boredom (and reality) has yet to set in.

The thing is.. When I was working, it feels like a constant fight. I have to squeeze as much time as I can to do things I love and then there’s work. Even after doing things I love (like shooting), the joy or the satisfaction is not there. Because, HELLO! Work is looming right ahead.

Hence, the constant moody feeling and grouchy feeling. Especially since the job I had was not really for my character and personality. Even though my colleagues are wonderful (:

So now that I am unemployed, I have time to do anything I want. And I have time to lounge around. Think about what went on in the day. Soak in the happiness I get from doing things I love. Or rewind back to happier days and then  soak in that moment (:

Happy clauds, all the way! (:


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