using an old phone.

Omny is fussing again. So I had to send her to the ‘hospital’ yesterday:(

back in Feb 2009(:

Seriously, of all the times to kick up a fuss, it chooses now. When I can’t change my phone!! I seriously hope the repair fees are not too expensive. Checking it into the hospital has already cost me $29.75 (what a funny number) *sigh*

Anyways, as when Omny falls sick, I will borrow my dad’s handphone which happens to be my old handphone!

the trusty clam-shell phone(:

And you know, in many ways, using your old handphone is like re-uniting with a familiar lover. Oh wait. Change that to a familiar friend. I don’t have experience of a familiar lover. Duh.

Going through the photo album, you will see things that you have already forgotten. Places you have been to, friends you were close to before, toys that used to hang around in your room and many many things.

way back in 2007. on the train to school.

And the ringtones and msg tones. The chirping of the phone when new sms-es come in. The ringtone, a song that I used to like. And going through the media album, I found more. Songs I used to like 3 years back.

Of course, the shortcuts. Oh, the sweet sweet shortcuts. I just need to press 5-2-1 in the menu and I can type my sms. The shortcut numbers that you never forget. Instinctively, you just press. It feels really good (: Of course, there’s also the joy of typing a msg without having to look at the screen. Keypads! Hahaha.

Memories floods back, really. In a good way and in a bad way. Especially when you stumble across pictures taken by you when you were upset (Read: April-May 2009). And then of happier times. East Coast outings with your first-year classmates after the first semester exams.

scotchey and me in 2006 (: how are you scotchey? havent talk to you in awhile!

To before your braces, after your perm, braces, rebonding. Two years worth of memories cramped into one small phone. Once again, you get reminded of the power of pictures(: One look and BOOMZ!

Oh and did I mention sms-es? From people you were closed to once and are now no longer in contact. I laughed when I saw msges between me and YM, arguing about soccer. Yes, this girl here used to love soccer! WOOTS! Hahaha. And of course, smses from my old tuition kid’s mum arranging tuition! Then there’s one or two sms-es from the very-weird-not-relationship thing I had back in 2007. HAHAHA!

BUT! It’s not all laughter and butterflies. The usual pain of too little storage space for sms, the buttons that are no longer as sensitive (HIT IT!) and the sudden ERUPTION of the ringtone when phonecalls come in.

Interesting experience. And one that I welcome I guess. Especially since my birthday is coming soon. Always nice to have a reminder of how good life had been and how strong/carefree I was(:

I will be that girl once again! 😀

Omny, that does not mean you can SPOIL! YOU BETTER COME BACK SOON!




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