America’s Next Top Model S13 (:

Just finished the latest season of ANTM (: A little twist this season! The models are all below 5’7″, thus, they are usually seen as too short to model (are they crazy? I am like 5’4″ only, i think!). Trust Tyra Banks to come up with such an opportunity for girls (: She’s pretty great huh?

Anyways, pretty interesting shots all around! I love Jennifer and Brittany!

Jennifer (:

Brittany (:

But most important of all, I loved Nicole! (: I mean, yes! She was a bit quirky and under-emotive at times. Scary even. But she produces such pretty pictures! So, pretty pictures + quirky personality = easily noticeable! And as the season progresses, she got better and her personality started to shine ! Hehehe.

Here are some of my favorite photo of her !

odd angles anyone?

looking so much taller than her height!

really nice (: I want it as a wallpaper!!!

how does she do that underwater!!

one of my favorites! vulnerability in fierce-ness!

Pretty huh? (: Hehehehe.

She actually inspires me! To model? maybe! But most importantly, to never judge a book by its cover!(:

And guess what? SHE WON! WAAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, that’s it. Bedtime 😀 Just wanted to harp about it (:


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