queen of politics.

i want to be the queen of politics.

really, seriously.

see, when you are the queen of politics, you are so-skilled to the point whereby politics just zoom past you. you don’t play politics. you just sit there and IGNORE all politics.

yes, being the queen of politics means that you are not touched by politics.

no, being innocent does not help. tried that. got sucked in and hell, end up getting hurt more than if i had actively participated in it.

i’ve checked with ber if there’s any place in this world that is free of politics. and she said no.

at home. at work. in the blogsphere. online. everywhere i go, i see politics, i hear politics.

i really dont like it. sick of getting hurt by it. it seems like the more i siam it, the more it comes to me.

and my starting point or the place that i am coming from is good. i have good intentions. i care. but like everything else, somehow, i get drag into that ugly pool and KAPOW! I am a victim of politics. I lose friends.

I tried to ignore it. But it still came and bite me in the ass. Creating troubles.

And it always happen to things that I care alot about. FML.

Tired. Hurt.

Two huge time this year. Countless small times in-between.


I want to be Queen of Politics.

And I think, the first step is by learning not to care.


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