Pages and Groups.

It seems like everyone and every organisation are going to Facebook to set up a page and/or a group (yes, group is dead but just to not leave anyone out). But somehow, it doesn’t feel like everyone knows how to use it.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that I know how to use them. Just stating what I deemed as common sense.

It doesn’t mean you are social media savvy.

I guess, most people will just say, “Let’s set up a page!” and then give themselves a pat on the back. Happy that at least they have a presence on Facebook and that means that *horrors of horror* that they are “IN” with the crowd.

Never mind the content. Never mind that the page just exist.

Sadly, I used to work with people who thinks that way.

Don’t set up a page/group just because you want to ‘chope’ it.

Yes, there are people out there who are like that. They will just set up a page and then chope the vanity URL. After which? Leave the page there to grow dust and rot.

It’s about interactions.

When you decide to set up a page/group, you must be prepared to interact with your fans! I don’t care if you are dead tired, assign someone to check in on the page every day (or at least every alternate day and that’s pushing it) to see if there are any questions.

It is the age where people wants things NOW NOW NOW! So, if I become a fan of your page, I want to be updated of your company’s activities. I want to have my questions answered. I want to feel CLOSER to you.

When I become your fan, I am not only SUPPORTING your organisation/brand. I would love to have some value-add from your side too.

If I have to wait longer than say a day (my personal limit), I might as well pick up the phone and call you. And if the call doesn’t work, then goodbye?

Remember the days when you get irritated when you go to a website that is not updated? Yeah. Apply that mentally to a FB Page/Group now.

No updates might reflect badly on your company.

I don’t know about you. If I go to your page and see that, the last update was back in May, I might think the worst for your company.

Think along the line of, “…Oh. This company must not be doing so well..” or “..Is this company still alive?” And if they decide to go check on your webpage and even that is not updated, *pats back* good luck!

Or lagi worse! They might think, “..This company not so good. Set up page but don’t bother to update. They don’t seem to care ah?”

Don’t rely on your customers to think positively about your company. Maybe they do know you personally but seriously?  Better be safe than be sorry.



“Wah lao! I reject the page TWO times already! He is still asking me to join!!”

Sounds familiar? Yeah. I just got that.

I rejected the invitation FIVE freaking times and this person (who I don’t really know) is still inviting me to join the page. Like hello? HELLO?! Wake up!!

Okay, if I rejected  once and you invite again (excuse the English), that may be acceptable. Maybe you are an optimist! Thinking, “..Well, maybe this time the invite will spark her interest! She will then check out the page and maybe JOIN! WOOTS!” (Totally sarcastic here, sorry.)

FINE. But a third time? Setting up a page is not about getting everyone to join.

At the end of the day, social media is time consuming.

If you don’t think you have the time to manage it, then maybe you should stay away? Okay, that’s a bit extreme.

But do at least try to update at least once every week. Use that advantage of SM. Bring yourself closer to your customers!

I really can’t decide. No time, don’t set up and disappoint the customers VS No time, set up first.

As a customer, I prefer the former.


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