Wrapping up 21st (short).

I wanted to write a long conclusion of my 21st year of life. But fuck it, I can never get down to it. SO! Summary!

I went through what most people will go through in a lifetime this year. Graduation, getting a job, quitting, getting backstabbed and the works. No, I didn’t get married or pregnant. Thank goodness.

Went through a really ‘dark’ period back in March/April. But thank you to Victor, QQ, Shuyun, Darran, DK, Ridzuan and the rest of the Plurk gang who was there with me(: Meeting up with me almost every single day and talking to me until they are sick of it. Of course, my girls were there too (: Our infamous cake night started around there too.

Rude awakening to reality. It’s more like a slap from the world. HELLO! The world is not as you see it. Unless otherwise stated, please assume that everyone DO NOT have initiative and DO NOT put others before self.  You can do everything for someone but they will just take you for granted. THEY WILL. Stop before you end up hurting yourself! Yes, I have officially lost that ‘innocence’. I can no longer trust that the world is good. Nope. I am still struggling though. It’s a constant fight. The stupid little angel in me still want to believe everyone is good and she usually win and I will end up getting hurt. GRR.

Picked up photography. It started with a trip to Kampong Buangkok then Sentosa Flower Festival and we sort of just go for photog outings at least once a month (: Bought my DSLR and got to know a group of nice friends! (:

Emo is the word of the year. I have no idea where all these emo juice comes from (okay, that’s a lie).

So, that’s Year 21!


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