a pervert.

i was taking a looong stroll after sending Victor and Qiquan to the train station. and towards the end of the stroll, i met a pervert.

i was walking towards a staircase/shelter and this guy came down the staircase and waited. i thought he was waiting for someone to fetch him so i ignored him. walked passed him, nothing happened. just remembered that he smelled of cigarette.

then, a few steps later, he walked really quickly passed me and slowed down. at which point, he started scratching his crotch. i averted my eyes and stared at the envelope/book + orange rubber bracelet he was wearing on his other arm. HE TURNED AROUND! And instead of scratching his crotch, he was juggling his balls and you-know-what. He started walking towards me and had the intention of bumping into me. But I paused and glared at him. I guessed that shocked him. So, while he was still juggling his balls and deciding on his next move, I ran away.

I really didn’t know how scared I was until I was standing outside my house. I started crying. Sigh.

On the down side, the guy seems like the one who followed me home a month or so back. Same height, same built and same style of holding things in his hands. Shite.

On the bright side, or let’s just say, to reduce the cognitive dissonance, I am going to laugh at myself. Because, here’s what went through my mind. A minute before and after the incident.

I miss J. Where are the stars? I miss being the high-powered senior in school. Photography. Sigh. 3-digits left in bank. Where are you, stars?

(Appearance of guy at staircase) Ok, weird man. Looks gay. Oh look, car outside Deyi! Where are the stars?! Okay, strong cigarette smell. Why is he all jumpy? Are they going to open the gates for the car? Walking pass strange man now.

(After passing strange man) Strange vibe. Ohwell. Woah! He just walked passed me. Hey, uncle! Stop scratching your balls! I can see it! Reminds me of *** *** from Deyi. Definitely FB worthy! Okay, dont stare. Concentrate on orange bracelet. Orange bracelet.

(At which point, he turned around) WOAH! Major juggling happening there. SHIT! *looks at man* He is NOT going to bump into me is he? SHIT! SHIT! URGH! WOAH! Stop! *glares* Okay, RUN! RUN!

Yeah. Have to be more careful i guess.


One thought on “a pervert.

  1. shann, u nv fail to amaze me how hilarious ur descriptions are. *juggling his balls… lols! i can’t imagine tt. hahaha.
    nxt time if such a thing happen, threaten to take a pic of his privates and call the cops. such buggers shld be castrated in prison.

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