Bad service at True Spa.

My friend invited me to True Spa for a massage last Tuesday and it was a bad experience.

Plenty of staff at the reception, but all pretended to be busy when we stepped out of the lift. We told them our names and the very next instant, they forgot about it. The CSO turned and walked away, didn’t ask us to follow her and when she turned around and saw that we were not, looked at us like we were idiot. Best part was, she went, “Erm…erm…you over there..follow me.” WHAT?!

a) If you can’t remember our names, at least call us ladies, miss or something. Not you over there.

When we were seated, she dumped us two clipboards and two forms, told us to wait. While filling up the form, another CSO came over and DUMPED two cups of teas on the table. I was shocked but out of habit, I said, “Thank you!” and the CSO just barked, “You’re welcome” over her shoulders.

So while we were filling in the form, a spa specialist (SS) came and told us to stop filling up the form. Took a quick look and saw that I was 22. Apparently, I don’t fulfill the age limit. The SS did not tell me why and just said that I don’t fulfill the age limit and I am therefore, not entitled to the massage. No apologies or anything.

b) If there’s an age limit for your services, you could have told my friend when you informed her that she can bring a friend along.

I asked why and the best answer the SS can give was still, “Our services do not cater to those 23 and below.” REALLY? Frankly, I think it’s because they think that people who are 23 and below do not have the financial capabilities. I just sat there fuming, because the SS kept repeating the same reason in different ways, hoping that I will say, “Ok then. I’ll just go then.”

Well, if she had apologized, I would have quietly left because I just had a full body massage the day before! But nope, no apology and I hated the way she was handling the problem. So I told her that I am not going to “pay” for a mistake that her colleague has made. I will be really unhappy if this turned out to be a wasted trip.

And so, she went off to talk to her ‘manager’.  When she came back, she told me, “Miss, I’ve managed to secure you a foot spa! It’s of the same value as the back massage!” Like WHAT? It’s your fault to begin with so why does it sound like you are doing me a favour? And! It’s not about the monetary value of the service, you doofus. URGH!

To not make matters ugly for my friend or anyone, I forced a smile and nodded. Off I go for my foot spa. Happily ever after right? NOT!

It’s a small room, dimly lit crammed full of people. The ‘massage’ chair was peeling and the moment I put my feet into the water, I got a scratched. And the service staff do not make eye contact with their customers! They give me a feeling that they just want to get their job done and go home. Doesn’t help that they will actually talk to their colleagues who are standing behind you?

Oh and I feel like I am in some sweat shop? A SS came in and asked the lady doing my foot spa, “Are you done? I need this chair. Come on! Hurry up!” WTF?!!!

c) Please don’t pretend your customer is transparent.

AFTER the foot spa, we were made to wait (again). This time another SS came and ‘interviewed’ us. She looks like she is high on drugs. Can’t formulate her questions properly and give off the same “I just want to get this over and done with” vibe.

She asked us to give her names of our friends who might be interested in the service and when both of us said we dont, she said she will be right back. We nodded and WAITED. We waited and waited, she didnt come back!

So we went to the front desk to look for her and guess what she’s doing? She’s sitting there, enjoying life! When she saw us, she went, “OH! Yah. You guys can leave now.” WTF.

Seriously? Don’t ever go there.


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