weird dream.

ever since my encounter with the pervert, i have been having weird dreams. but the weirdest of all has had to be the one i had on sunday morning.

i dreamt that i was married. married to a guy that i didn’t mind. not a guy i love or want to protect. but a guy that i didn’t mind.

Weird Factor 1: I don’t settle for less. I hate that.

then in the dream, i actually adopted a baby girl. at my age (which is 22).

Weird Factor 2: I did consider to do a Angelina Jolie thing but not at my age.

i also had a nanny. that my ‘husband’ is having an affair with. a nanny that looks down on me because i am not working.

Weird Factor 3: Nothing weird here actually. Like i said in my previous post, i live in a twisted world.

also in the dream, someone died and the mother was distraught and the only thing she screamed was, “ daughter is not a virgin?”

Weird Factor 4: Now where did that come from?

finally, in my dream, i finally had the courage to yell at the teacher, Mrs Cheam, who looked down on me just because I got a B3 for Science in Sec 2. Never mind that I scored As for the rest of the subjects. She refused to let me changed to a Pure Science and was happy for me to stay in a Home Econs class (not that it’s not good. i was just not interested).

even when i finally managed to changed to a Pure Science class through my VP (always thankful to him), her parting words were, “..I’ll be watching you. Once your grades dropped, I will retain you..”  (I almost wanted to fling my O’level slip at her bcos I scored.)

in my dream, i told her to SHUT UP because her reaction towards the student who passed away was inappropriate.  and when people joined in and told her to shut up too, i scoffed at her.

I don’t know. It was a really weird dream. But I guess, it’s telling me to not settle for less. To never settle. Because in 2009, I did. And it just merely brought up the past to remind me how hard I fought. How hard I can fight.

Never. Never settle less.


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