Deja Vu.

I used to think that everyone gets deja vu all the time. I have them all the time since I was a little girl.

A particular scene, a particular sentence, a particular smell will trigger an image or a short flashback (flash forward?). Everything will feel so familiar but I know that I’ve never done/been there before.

The first time I realised that not everyone has deja vu was during the Malacca trip in Secondary 1. We were in a hotel room and then *boom* flashback. I told my room mate that the phone will ring next and it did.

The scariest has to be in Sec 2 during Home Econs class. We were in the sewing room and then *boom* flashback again. I told my classmates that our teacher will come in with a spoilt zip on her skirt and some stuff that she will say. And sure enough, it happened. Right down to the dot.

But somehow, the deja vu’s stopped as I grow older. They become less frequent. I used to have them once a month. But eventually, they are so sparse that I forgot about them.

Until recently. I got them again! Just had one this afternoon of FB-ing with Jian Wei about his gym thing! I think the dream was something last year and I only remembered it this! But a little different though. The same sense of familiarity but I can’t remember what will happen next. Sigh.

I guess….Deja Vu is a thing that only happen to you when you are happy? Do you get deja vu?


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