little kids(:

I think little kids are amazing (: Hard to imagine that we were all like that once!

In the past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend plenty of time playing/babysitting and just being around kids of my friends and my cousin(: And I have to say, they brought me much joy (:

It’s interesting to see how they react to you, how they process their thoughts and what tickles them. Different age group, different things. Different gender, different things.

And I guess, what amazes me the most is how resilient they are? My baby niece for example. She can bump into stuff, trip over stuff and when you expect her to cry, she doesn’t! She climbs back up and is off again (:

Sorry if I sound like an MOE ad. But yes, kids are my other passion (: Do I want to go into teaching? Someday. But maybe not now. Still working that out. One thing is for sure. Pre-school is for me (:


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