Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (:

I really should be sleeping but while waiting for my hair to dry, I might as well watch something.

The general feedback for this movie was not that good. But I think, reviews are usually different when you watch it in the theatres and when you catch it at home on a DVD. It’s the whole mentality of “..I paid more. So I expect more..”

Well, the first 30 minutes of the show was pretty funny (: Interesting characters – the quirky Flint, the eyebrow Dad, the gymanstic-wannabe Police and the greedy mayor. Funny quotes too. My favorite –

..this contact lens is you. and my eye is my eye. *puts lens into eye* i got my eye on YOU!

And then the initial first few scene of raining food! Wheeee~ It really feels like heaven! FREE FOOD!!! Imagine the money you can save! And ice-cream land! Jello house!

But after that, every thing seems repetitive? Quirky Flint getting used by the greedy mayor, made too much food. Machine goes crazy leading to FOOD STORM!! Quirky scientist and geeky reporter to the rescue!

Oh! And the headless man-eating chicken! Which is kind of funny. The roasted chickens will eat you. But hmm. By right, you can just eat your way out right? Or threaten to overfry them or something. I mean they are FOOD!!

So all in all, I think the show is pretty okay(: But probably because I am watching it at home.

3 popcorns from me!

Once Upon a Milkshake(:

Went there with Cynthia, Mabel and Darren on Sunday. Went again today with some of the usual suspects because Janelle said she wanted to go when I tweet about it (: I so nice hor 😀

I wanted to take a picture of their 招牌 but it was located quite close to the glass and there’s reflection-.-

the napkin.

I love the name (:

Basically, milkshake comes in 2 sizes – mini vs regular!

this picture could do with more crop and better angling :X

Shot the picture on Sunday when the shop was actually closed for a baby’s 1st month party :X So I was kind of stress. Snap and go!

ANYWAYS! Mini cost $3.30 and Regular is $5.50.

my mini-cup (:

Had a mini-cup of grumbling raisins on Sunday and it tasted GOOOOOOOD! So when I went back on Wednesday, I ordered a Regular. WRONG MOVE! The rum in it got me sleepy (I know, lousy!) and I got sick of the drink halfway through 😦 I think for my stomach’s short attention span, I should just order two mini-cup! At least I won’t get sick of the taste!

The milkshake have really really cute names too (:

interesting names (: vainilla anyone?

And here are the comments of their milkshake from the usual suspects –

Victor > Had Nutty Peanut Butler: Not bad. I like mine.
QQ > Sir Cookies & Cream: Ok lor.
Janelle > Agent Strawberry: It grows on me! It’s quite nice now *smiles*

Shuyun came late and she had Pirate Queen Peach. Forgot to ask her for comments :X

order up!

Distracted I was tonight so didn’t manage to take photos of the shop. It’s pretty small. Can sit about40 people max? But the decor is nice with high ceilings (: My favorite! AND! You can do a candlelight thing every Saturday from 8-9pm! 😀 A nice place to chill out with your girlfriends and for couples (:

They have their own version of “chope-ing” seats! Instead of putting tissue paper packs, they have jenga blocks on the table. If the table is taken, just flip the jenga block to “Taken”! I was pretty amazed by them that I kept playing with it throughout the night! HAHAHAAH!

jenga blocks.

Yups! (: Visit their website or join their FB page!

Usual suspects! Let’s go Udders someday! (After steamboat though!)

Party with Motorola and Singtel (:

On a nice Wednesday evening, I put on my favorite white dress and rushed down to Clarke Quay. I tried very hard not to be late, but ALAS! I failed 😦

But yups! Was invited by Ivy to attend the event (: So I met Shuyun and off we go to Helipad (:

Multi-tasker that I am, I was playing with Joe Teh’s review set while they were talking about the phone onstage :X

talking about the phone.

talking about the phone.

Apparently, Motorola Dext is Motorola’s first Android-powered device. And according to my brother, the first FAT phone in a very long while. ANYWAYS! When I saw the keyboard and how it slides out, I fell in love (kinda).

sweet sweet qwerty keyboard(:

I find the keyboard much easier to use than Nokia N97’s! Typing a message on it was actually pretty enjoyable! I logged on to MySpace account and that looked pretty good. And I loved how the updates from various social networks are just on the homepage of the phone! No need to keep pressing refresh or to log in to the many different platforms (:


Hehe! And being the photographer (or professional cam-whore) that I am, I tried out the camera. Not very impressed though. Call me pampered or anything. I am quite bothered that I can’t control the ISO, metering, contrast, saturation, sharpness and stuff on the phone. I know, I know. IT’S A PHONE! But Omny can do it so that kinda sets my expectation for any other phone camera. Another thing, the shutter speed of the camera is kinda slow? But somehow, the light sensitivity was not excellent. I forgot to check out if the camera has a scene selection or macro mode. Anyways, in sufficient lighting, the camera can be pretty acceptable. On the bright side! You can upload photos to FB, Picasa, Photobucket or MySpace easily cause it’s connected!

taken with LED lights from a nearby video cam.

taken in 'club lightings'.

When I was done with the phone, I was just 50% impressed. So when we went for the briefing, I was not THAT enthusiastic. But as always, I spoke a little too soon! Apparently, DEXT comes with this thing called MotoBlur! Heh?

Okay, remember I said I can view updates from all my social sites via the homescreen? It’s cause of MotoBlur! WHEEE!!

And and! It has what I called the “stalker function” :X Okok, it’s called :Integrated Contacts”! Basically, contacts are automatically synced from personal and work email as well as social network accounts. When making/receiving a call, the person’s latest profile picture and status is shown on the screen! You can also see your communication history with each person! I can see how this function will be useful to someone *cough cough* I mean, you will never go, “OKAY! Which Kelvin Lim is calling me now?” again! Imagine the possibilities! HAHAHAH!

That has to be my favorite function lah 😛 *plays stalker song*

MOVING ON! My sister lost her phone recently and the major concern was the contacts in it! But with MotoBlur, you don’t have to worry if you ever lost the phone (CHOY!)! Everything (including home screen customization) are all backed-up on the server. And lost phones can be found with integrated AGPS from the online owner’s portal! Best thing is…you can WIPE OUT everything on the phone remotely. HAA! Just log in with the account username and password on any MotoBlur phone, and all the information will be ready and waiting (:

DING! I now see a phone that I might buy if I am ever forced to buy a new one. If you haven’t heard, I can’t change my phone till 2011 *sob sob*

But yes! Dext is available for purchase at any Singtel shop (oh, it’s ONLY available at Singtel. EXCLUSIVE!) from any price between $0 – $348 depending on the price plan you are getting.

Ohright! Singtel is also launching a new service called, mSocial. It cost S$5.35 per mth and has UNLIMITED local mobile data usuage for users of MotoBlur Platform. DAMN! I thought 12 GB was alot. Note: Email access is not included in the unlimited mobile data usuage.

For more information about the phone, please visit (:

Enough! After everything, we had food and drinks to keep us entertained (:

me with my geeky specs and beer!

hello, sexy ladies! (: (thanks, mus!)

And I managed to take a photo with Glenn Ong!

thanks, QQ!

All in all, I had fun that night! (:

Thanks, Ivy! For inviting us over (: And thank you, Singtel + Motorola!

group shot by Joe Teh.

The Spiderwick Chronicles.

I found this book in Bishan Library by accident. I was on my way out when I saw it displayed on the shelf. Threw away a few books that I wanted to borrow and got this instead (:

I loved the movie! The story, the characters, everything was nice! But you know how books and movies usually don’t tally right? If the movie is nice, the book usually sucked (Read: New Moon). If the book is nice, the movie usually sucked (Read: Harry Potter). Very very seldom can you find one that are the same!

BUT THIS IS !!!! *claps and throw confetti*

The story is slightly different from the movie. Slightly darker but all the more magical! Every chapter brings you on an adventure that you really don’t want to put down the book! A totally perfect bedtime story for me (: Perhaps for little kids above the age of 7 too! It also help that there were pictures in between that helps you to visualize the scenes if you need (I don’t!).

And at the end of the book, they provided sketches of each character and the rationale behind each of their shape and size! FUN!

So yes! A book highly recommended by me(:

I just returned the book to NLB very very reluctantly 😦

Interesting fact from the book: Do you know how smart goblins get their teeth? From under children’s pillows!

i want cockles.

Shocked? I was too!

For the whole of monday, I had a craving for something. the taste was in mouth but I couldn’t pinpoint what food it was that I wanted. until I was having my macs dinner.


OMG! The only time I had cockles was with this group of people after a session of singing at Party World (minus the old one).

4 bullies who made me eat cockles just to see my expression! LOL!

That was way way way way way way WAAAAAYYYY back in February last year! And no, I didn’t like the taste then. I think I said it tasted like seaweed or something totally random.

EEEPS! I’m glad the craving is gone though! 😀

To quote from some app in my iTouch, “..I like food dead. Not injured!”

But really, if I say I want cockles, will you guys drop everything to go makan with me? Just to see my funny reaction? LOL!

Glee Episode 04 (:

Quote –

There’s not much of a difference between a stadium full of cheering fans and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take, is up to you! Convince yourself that they are cheering for you. You do that and someday, they will(:

Feel good show this is (: