the hangout @ prinsep street(:

First heard about the place from Cynthia. She was raving about the happy hours and how affordable it was(: Then! I saw photos of Endor’s outing! Several failed attempts of trying to go there but we finally did today!

playing booths.

Happy hours are from 2-6pm every weekday and cost just $5 with free flow of drinks! Affordable yes? (: And if you are in a group of 5 or more people, they will place you in a private room where you can go stiiiiirrrrrr crrraazzzzy! We certainly did today. If not, you will get a small cozy booth like the ones in the pictures above(:

They have both XBox360 and Wii for you to choose! And today, we chose Wii (: We had plenty of fun playing Guitar Hero for the most part of the day (:

the band!

We called ourselves the 92% because after 30 mins, that was the furthest we ever got into a song! It was crazy! My arms are aching from all the drumming and my throat is screaming from all the singing! It’s like karaoke but TOUGHER (for the vocalist)! I have to say, the hardest instrument to play has to be the stupid drum! Well, okay. Not stupid. I actually quite like it. But I suck! However, I am the slackest drummer of the day! I actually laid down-.-


AH WELL! (: It was great fun! I would most definitely love to go back there again! Didn’t try the food though! Maybe I should someday! (: But console gaming is teh fun!

Ohyeah! We played Raving Rabbids too! And someone (*cough*Brooklyn*cough*) tried to prevent me from winning by holding both my arms down! But I cannot be stopped! WAHAHAHAH! I still kicked his ass! WOOTS!

OH! They have board games too! I saw Twister! A game I really really missed! No idea how or where we can play though! Since the shop is pretty cramped as it is. HMM.

Head on down to check it out! Meanwhile, you can check on their website or join their Facebook Group(:


P/S: Plurk gang, are we going there?!


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