It was kind of unexpected. What I thought will be a small gathering turned out pretty huge and fun (:

Shibani came back and we decided to meet up! While Ranjan organised a ‘guys gathering’ (how sexist:P) and decided to ‘combined’ the two! In the end, we had quite a huge turnout!

the early birds! half of the overall turnout!

It was an interesting evening. Had fun catching up with everyone and remembering all the silly things we did back in secondary school! Like how Ranjan was made to sing the Teletubbies song outside the staff room, the bag incident, my A1 poster incident and the ‘runway clear’ thing.  Laughed until my sides hurt! And of course, I could finally swear without worrying that people will judge me. Not that I swear alot. Just that, you know. It’s nice to be able to once in awhile. I know, it’s unlady-like and all that crap! But seriously? Sometimes, you just need to!

I love my sec school classmates (: All the silly things we did is just pure funny!

To everyone: Take care yeah? Bon voyage, Alvin and Ranjan! We’ll miss you! We need to do this more often! HAHAHA! ❤

Mushy *shivers*


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