i want cockles.

Shocked? I was too!

For the whole of monday, I had a craving for something. the taste was in mouth but I couldn’t pinpoint what food it was that I wanted. until I was having my macs dinner.


OMG! The only time I had cockles was with this group of people after a session of singing at Party World (minus the old one).

4 bullies who made me eat cockles just to see my expression! LOL!

That was way way way way way way WAAAAAYYYY back in February last year! And no, I didn’t like the taste then. I think I said it tasted like seaweed or something totally random.

EEEPS! I’m glad the craving is gone though! šŸ˜€

To quote from some app in my iTouch, “..I like food dead. Not injured!”

But really, if I say I want cockles, will you guys drop everything to go makan with me? Just to see my funny reaction? LOL!


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