Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (:

I really should be sleeping but while waiting for my hair to dry, I might as well watch something.

The general feedback for this movie was not that good. But I think, reviews are usually different when you watch it in the theatres and when you catch it at home on a DVD. It’s the whole mentality of “..I paid more. So I expect more..”

Well, the first 30 minutes of the show was pretty funny (: Interesting characters – the quirky Flint, the eyebrow Dad, the gymanstic-wannabe Police and the greedy mayor. Funny quotes too. My favorite –

..this contact lens is you. and my eye is my eye. *puts lens into eye* i got my eye on YOU!

And then the initial first few scene of raining food! Wheeee~ It really feels like heaven! FREE FOOD!!! Imagine the money you can save! And ice-cream land! Jello house!

But after that, every thing seems repetitive? Quirky Flint getting used by the greedy mayor, made too much food. Machine goes crazy leading to FOOD STORM!! Quirky scientist and geeky reporter to the rescue!

Oh! And the headless man-eating chicken! Which is kind of funny. The roasted chickens will eat you. But hmm. By right, you can just eat your way out right? Or threaten to overfry them or something. I mean they are FOOD!!

So all in all, I think the show is pretty okay(: But probably because I am watching it at home.

3 popcorns from me!


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