the story behind pictures.

Going through some old photo albums my mum dug out (: And I found some pictures that were really funny. It’s amazing how after so many years, I can still remember the exact scene, the exact feeling that I had when those photos were taken!

I found 2 that were particularly memorable (: It’s really weird cause I was so young. Around 1 or 2 years old!

I can’t remember where this was. Probably a neighbour’s house? I just remembered that I was really really bored. Sitting on a bench outside the house, feeling really warm. I remember crying too. And then, the next thing I knew, I pulled my skirt and was flashing everyone. I kept doing it! Again and again and again! 😛

I think my mum and sister did tried to stop me by holding down my hands and telling me how “shame-shame” it was. But I just kept pulling up my skirt and running around! HAHAHAHA! Silly :X

This was taken before my brother was born. So that will be around 1989 or 1990? Har Paw Villa! Back in its glorious days (: With the ‘river’ and boat ride leading to the “Gates of Hell” exhibit and bridges and all!

Squint your eyes and look at the background of the picture! See the umbrella? That’s my mum, dad and me! We were up there because I refused to go down! I was too scared! I think we had to cross a little stream before reaching where the cousins and the sister was in the picture.

They tried convincing me to go down, promised to carry me and all but I was scared. Like really! So they had no choice but to stay with me.

Opps :X

That’s all for now! Will be going through some more when I get back from work next week (:

I like how pictures tell stories! I like how they can invoke memories and emotions that you forgot!

adventures in the dark.

Woke up from a very bad nap. Throat was killing me, back was complaining, neck was aching. Randomly clicking on ipod touch and ordering dinner (Pastamania delivery!) when *thuds* The electricity went out.

The brother went, “What happened?” and I scrambled out of bed (to the protest of my entire body) to the power box. Tried the usual method of turning on the switch one by one, didn’t work.

Wanted to go out and try the main power box but realised that the parents locked it to prevent pranksters from fooling around with the switch. So, we are stuck with no electricity till they came back.

I went on Facebook to ask for help. Eddy was pretty nice and called me. The brother announced that he is going to MacDonald’s to study. CRAP! Stuck alone at home to wait for my dinner.

Was frantically msging the bestie and GW until I realised that Omnia is going to run out of batt. So, I stopped. Waited and waited. Nearly freaked myself out cause darkness do funny things to you. Opened the door in the end.

Had dinner in the dark. Read in the dark with the only torch light in the house. Played games on touchie. Mum called from overseas and told me to go out if I am scared. But too sick 😦

Thought of doing light-painting in the dark. Then, horror movie scenes crapped into my head. Decided to read some more. Going to the washroom in the dark was scary too.

3 hrs after the blackout, the siblings came home! At the same time! The parents apparently told them where the keys were and they went searching. Dang, I feel so much like a damsel in distress-.-

After about 15mins, they found it and *tada* LET THERE BE LIGHT! Not long after, the parents came home! We tried to find out what was wrong, plugged in the MioTv Box and *poof* sparks appeared and electricity went out!

Thought that was all! But when we plugged in our Mio modem, it started burning-.- So no internet for us! Thank god for internet sharing on Omny! Oh and, now when we try to switch on the TV, the light flickers.

BAH! The siblings will all be out tomorrow. So I guess it’s a good thing that I am sick and will be home to wait for the electrician to come. If he ever comes.

Darkness. Things lurk in darkness! Especially your imagination.

random musing in the middle of the night.

So the year of the Tiger has started. A little part of me dreads it. Because with the start of every new year, an expectation for a fresh start comes. And I don’t know what to expect anymore. Plus, the fear of that expectation not living up.

But to quote Andrew Matthews, you do not talk about things that upset you if you want to be happy. So, moving swiftly on.

What I will say though is that this year, there will be a huge fight between my heart and my brain. Or rather, the emotions vs the brain.

Let’s just say that letting my emotions make decisions for me has caused me lots of hurt and pain. Especially in people relations.

Learning to trust properly will be another highlight this year. I trust too easily. Too optimistic for my own good. I believe everyone has good intentions. Those who was with me last year will know. Dumb yeah?


Alright, time to sleep. Just wanted to type something to distract myself.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Episode 01

Dang! Super excited when I saw the announcement of the new season back in December! Especially knowing that Rupert and Boston Rob will be back!

Episode 01 got me cheering in my own bedroom while the sister and mother are out there cleaning the sister’s room 😡 And yes, I have yet to start on mine.

The first reward challenge was for flint!

The Challenge: 2 members from each tribe will race to a designated box in a race course. They will then dig for a black pouch and prevent the other tribe from getting the pouch back to their placemat.

Casualty: Both from Heroes tribe. One got a dislocated shoulders, the other got a broken toe! OUCH!

Me thinks: Survivor sort of remind me of camps. Especially the PSL camp where we had to protect our candles while trying snuff out the candles from the other teams.

Here’s the thing. For this challenge, you need stamina – a) to run to the box, b) to dig for the pouch, c) to tackle whoever that has the pouch and d) to run back to your placemat with the pouch.

I think the Villains realised that so towards the end, they only sent one person to dig while the other wait. But I was thinking, a little more tricking might work.

Get all two to dig, when one found the pouch, signal to the other. The other can then fake that he found the pouch. By which time, the opposing team will be on the player who supposedly “found” the pouch. So while they are distracted, it buys the person some time to dig out the pouch in peace and run.

Yes, the team members watching at the sideline might alert the others. But by the time they realised it, the players from the opposing team would have been worn out from tackling the fake one. So might just work!

That’s my theory! 😛

Who won: The Heroes! WHEEEE~

Sidenote: Dang! Watching girls fighting girls is actually quite interesting. Meoooww!

*off to clean the room. will watch the rest of the episode tonight!*

flowers from the mummy (:

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a great mum like mine? (:

I was sulking in the room cause of some problems with my article for CNY when my mum started oei-ing me from the living room. I thought she was going to nag until she stuck her hands into my room first!

When I saw the flowers, I jumped off my bed and my face instantly light up (:

Hopefully they can last till CNY! 😀 [Tips and hints welcomed!]


Indeed a cheer-you-up flower (: And don’t you think my very messy table makes a nice bokeh? ;P