beautiful sunrise(:

I really dont know what to say (: I thought sunrise will be the same today as it is everyday else. But I was wrong.

Went to bed at 5.45am and woke up at 7am. Almost stayed in bed cause I thought it was too cloudy but I’m glad I woke up in the end! (:

This was what I saw first –

very red (:

I was so excited and happy that I almost danced in my own room :X Stood and look for awhile before realising I should probably capture some photos 😀 Compact failed me for once. It was too overexposed but I always have d300 to count on 😀

The dad was quite surprised to see me awake too! When he saw me he was probably thinking I am going to rant at him but instead I went, “..THE SUN IS VERY RED TODAY!!! *dash off to take picture*” LOLS!!

trying to sneak some shots from the living room window(:

I think maybe I should sleep earlier this week and actually go for a run and take some shots. I am pretty sure the shots will be nicer a few blocks down and a few level up (: Maybe, just maybe 😀

Now I am having ideas of capturing the first sunset of CNY 😀 Hurhur. I will most definitely look like a panda 😛

Anyhoos! GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE! Happy Tuesday (:

so very happy (:

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