my virgin trip to Chinatown(:

Okay, the parents owned a shop up till 2008 so we never really had the chance to go to Chinatown during CNY. I mean, sure! I bugged them to drive through Chinatown every new year (when we still have a car) but thats about it!

So when I was assigned by STB to head down to shoot the decorations this year, I was kind of thrilled (:

the 'entrance' (:

Never mind that I didn’t have the media pass for the Light-Up. Jimmy, Veron, Shirley, Ben and I headed down for the light-up ceremony (: 2 days later, Veron and I went down again to the bazaar! JW joined us after his work too!

The decorations this year is pretty alright. The usual flowers and stuff (: I am kinda surprised that they didn’t hang the word “春” upside down like they usually do (:

spring is here(:

beautiful background for portraits (:

It was one-helluva experience! Especially when we went to the food bazaar. It was a hot Monday afternoon but the place was already pretty crowded! I got kinda lost and had to tweet for help 😛

瓜子! i like the salty outer covering 😛

my favorite pineapple tarts!!(:

And who can forget about getting ‘hit on’ by the overly friendly stall-owners?

the overly friendly owners.

Yes, I still have one of their handphone numbers. DO NOT ASK WHY! I was so afraid to walk pass their stall on my way back that I walked one big round instead. Note to self: NEVER visit that place without at least a guy friend! Or any place at all for that matter. I almost didn’t dare to buy muah-chee that day because the stall-owners were all guys. I just DO NOT want to be hit on by weird guys again. As of Jan 2010, that’s like 10 times in a month! GOSH.

ANYWAYS!! Plenty of stuff to see at the bazaar(: And it’s a must-go if you want to soak in the festive spirit! You can also park yourself in the cross-section where there’s about 4 stalls selling Taiwan muah-chee and listen to how they ‘lure’ the customers to buy from them! The funniest I heard was, “..来来!那边试,这边买!” which translates to “..try there! buy here!” Quite cute really!

So yups! Head on down to Chinatown if you can!

And I guess, thanks STB! I love shooting for you guys (: Cause in some ways, I am forced to go to places I would not have gone myself(:

(: havent process lah!

More photos up soon (probably tomorrow) on Facebook! 😀 And my article on should be up soon too! (:


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