Confession of a Shopaholic(:

I missed this in the cinema. How can right! It’s like THE chick flick of the year or something. I loved the book up till Rebecca Bloomwood gave birth (at which point I grew sick of her bimbo-ness).

Storyline is slightly different from the book. Not the major story but the small ones like Luke Brandon’s background and Rebecca’s best friend (if my memory serves me right).

And of course, Rebecca Bloomwood looks less glamorous in the movie than she was described in the book. While Luke Brandon is much more yummy than he was described in the book.  NOT! That I am complaining. HOWEVER! I am going to complain that for a show about shopping, the fashion is kind of a FLOP. Even the shoes can barely make it! I prefer the clothes and shoes in “Sex and the City” or “The Devil Wears Prada”. Too much ruffles in my opinion.

ANYWAYS! Pretty much a chick flick. Except that the story woven into it is rather different. In a typical chick flick, the story revolves around the couple. You know, girl+guy (GG) falls in love, they fight and they get back together. This movie, however, focuses on the girl (: How Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopaholic, ends up working for a savings magazine. Got famous before everyone found out she’s a sham. If you read the book, you know the story!

I quite like how she paid her debt with coins (: And the auction! Even though you know that the secret bidder for the green scarf is Luke. Of course, I loved the ending when Luke shows up and gave her the green scarf. Happy ending *sigh*

In a nutshell: Read the book, then watch the movie 😀 You will love both but reading the book first might help you catch on to the movie faster(:

4 popcorns out of 5 (:

[Note: Wonder if they are making a movie for  “Can you keep a secret?”.]


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