Uniquely Singapore Clipper – the bimbotic account!

Now that I am done with the ‘serious’ post, I can now do the candid and more bimbotic post! (: This is where I write everything I cannot write in the article! Because if I write them in, I am sure *cough cough* will give me hell. URGH.

ANYWAYS! Everyone knows I am photoblogging for STB right? (: And because of that, I was invited to go on board the Singapore Clipper for a ride/shoot! πŸ˜€

The morning started off pretty bad. Waited half an hour for the cab, feminine problems and just plain old cranky! But when I reach Marina @ Keppel Bay, KABOOM! Mood began to change just that little bit (:


As we climbed up the Clipper, I tell you…I nearly fainted. Okay, clear your mind of all thought! Imagine climbing up a ladder, and with every step you climbed, you see more of what’s above. And then KABOOM! You see guys with yummy arms in red t-shirt flanking both sides of the clipper! HOT! I was totally speechless that I didn’t know what to do! So when the skipper said hi to me, I dumbly reached out my hands and introduced myself. MALU!!!!

But you CANNOT blame me! I was the only girl on board! I almost hyperventilated πŸ˜› Sexy arms *drools*

victor coming on board!

ANYWAYS! It was such a beautiful day (: The sun was BRIGHT ! And the sea breeze was cooling (: So many of us had shades on that, we started taking pictures of our reflections!

me, evon and victor!

When we first set sail, the girls were pretty much screaming. Especially when the Clipper was turning or when the wind blew so hard that the Clipper leaned towards one direction! But after awhile, we got used to it! Some of us even tried our hands at steering the Clipper! No, I didn’t try! Claudsification index was undetermined that day!

evon trying her hands at steering!

the boss addicted to steering!

And then, we went down to the cabin where I had to used the toilet! I tell you….if you are claustrophobic, you better stay away from the toilet!


First, the ‘door’ is just denim-quality cloth and it ZIPS. Yes, like a skirt, you ZIP it up to close it! And once it’s closed, it’s DARK! You cannot turn without knocking into the toilet bowl. And with the boat rocking all the time, it’s hard not to knock into the toilet bowl! It was a good thing I didn’t need to use the toilet toilet. If not, I need to pump 20 times to flush the toilet! TOUGH! Washing hands can be quite challenging too! You had to step on pedals and then try to wash your hands. Since your feet is on the pedal, your balance is koyak! So, it’s quite hard and almost impossible to wash your hands in peace :X

Of course, we had a fun time cam-whoring! While walking to the front of the Clipper, I have no idea what came over me! I guess I was tired of holding on to the railings and walking like a granny. So I just let go of the railings and CHARGED forward. HAHAHAH! One of the crew member saw it and went, “BRAVE GIRL!” *bows* For a klutz, I think that’s a HUGE compliment!

Camwhore time!



and again!

The (recovering) emo princess at work!

my prince will come!

what lies ahead for me ?

bullied and made to take picture 😦 hahah.

But the best pose has to be Ben’s!


Sexy leh! πŸ˜€ *hands over bucket to readers*

Oh! And I absolutely love this (candid) shot of me! The photographer quite zai!


OH! And one of the crew member is the same age as me! How cool is that?

cant remember his name:X

All in all, we had an EXCELLENT time. Well, at least I did (: I got a mini-tan that I love too! πŸ˜€

So, thank you, Ben, Lionel and STB for the invite (: I LUB YOU!

group shot!


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