my favorite flower(:

I am not a flower person per se. I think they are almost always a waste of money! So up until 2008, I never had a favorite flower.

When my mum was in the hospital, back in 2008, flower baskets from friends and relatives all contained one single flower. And that’s gerbera –

flower basket from the sister's boss (:

And I kind of fell in love with it (: No idea why though! And to cheer me up, back in 2009, Ridz surprised me with them!


And I guess, it’s the only flower that you can give to me without me nagging and yelling at you for wasting money!

The Deyi-gang also bought me a bunch for my convocation (:

convocation bouquet! (:

And yups(: Just googled and apparently, gerbera signifies/mean – of cheer. innocence and purity. beauty. cheerfulness.

Heh. And since CNY is approaching, I’m thinking of getting a few stalks to place in my room (: But first, I need to head to IKEA to get a pretty vase! 😀

I love gerbera ! ❤


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