I’ve been wanting to write this for ages but alas! The procrastination monster got to me.

While walking to the MRT station on one hot sunny afternoon, I walked passed 2 teachers from my secondary school. I remembered one as the accounting teacher from next door and the other, the teacher who brought me down when I was in Sec 2.

Now, I don’t think I am going to rant or bitch about her. But instead, I am going to talk about teachers who has made a difference in my life. Who gave me that extra ohm-ed when I needed them. Who was there for me when I gave up on myself. Teachers that made me who I am today.

1. the pre-school days.

I was an extremely shy and quiet kid when I was young. And I cried for 6mths (yes, months! not weeks or days!) when I first went to nursery school. My teachers could have just ignored me and told my parents to bring me home. But nope! My principal and teacher then spent time to coax me. To make sure I was alright. Even till now, I can still remember crying in the principal room while both my teachers tried to sayang me (:

And even after I stopped crying, both the principal and teacher checked up on me regularly. To make sure I was alright. And I guess, it was from there, I grew a bit more confident of myself.

2. the primary school days.

Random: I can still remember my first day in P1. My parents were so worried that I’m going to cry. They stood outside of the classroom and kept waving at me. I remembered sitting in the classroom and telling myself, “..Nope. I will not cry! Brave brave brave!”  (:

Primary school was pretty normal. Nothing much there.

3. Secondary school days.

Ahh. Sweet sweet memories (: Where should I start?

Mrs Ang. My form teacher from Sec 1. I don’t know where to start! I guess, the best example would be when she told me, “..I like the way you read/speak. Very engaging..” and after that? I have no problems with speaking in front of a big crowd. She was always dishing out words of encouragement at the right time (: A teacher who was always there. Writing journals is like writing a letter to her. She reads every single one of them and replies to you. A teacher and a friend !

Mrs Chu. My biology teacher. I don’t like that she sets really hard Biology test sometimes. But when I first started making morning announcement, she gave me tips on public speaking and told me when I’ve improved.

Mrs Ong. My cousin! heh. Well…..You know lah 😛 For the pep talk in Sec2. For checking if I am alright. For being a role model. For showing me that I can be as RAA-RAA as I want to be (:

Miss Lau. She was there for me when my mum went for an op near my O’levels period.

4. the JC days.

I only have one person to thank. Mr Nandwani.

Out of the 12 years of studying, I encountered the hardest obstacle in J2. I failed my prelims and I totally gave up.

But Mr Nandwani didn’t. He started making me write Econs essay once every week then twice every week then thrice every week. After that he’ll mark them and then find time to go through everything with me. I still remember there was once he asked, “..I know you are feeling tired and a little depressed. But don’t give up. Push just that little bit more!” Somehow, that gave me the energy to fight really hard for myself (:

Happy to say that I shot from a F to a B within 2 months! And when I last saw Nandwani, he said, “..You could have got an A. WRITE FASTER!!” LOL! Yes, I write like a tortoise.

OHOH! And I also want to thank BERNICE! When I failed GP, my GP tutor came to me, “..You are the 2nd lowest in the ENTIRE cohort..” and gave me that sad look. Like I will NEVER pass my A’level. But but! Bernice went home, highlighted and flagged a book of essay and told me to read them (: And guess what? From having the 2nd lowest score in the ENTIRE cohort (which is a D7), I got B4 for my GP for A’level!! WHEEEE~

Oh and when I saw my GP teacher, she went, “..Good..” and waited. Like she’s waiting for me to thank her. BOO! NEVER! You didn’t even help ONE bit.

5. the moral of the story?

Teachers make a great impact on their students.

As a teacher, you should not be refuse to help a student just because it’s TOO MUCH WORK. All the great teachers that I have met, they inspire me. I want to be a teacher because I want to make a difference (omg. i sound so MOE). I want to make someone feel the way my teachers made me feel (: I know I can’t help ALL. But one is enough! Ripple effects, yes?(:

Okay, I cant remember what else i want to say :X


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