random musing in the middle of the night.

So the year of the Tiger has started. A little part of me dreads it. Because with the start of every new year, an expectation for a fresh start comes. And I don’t know what to expect anymore. Plus, the fear of that expectation not living up.

But to quote Andrew Matthews, you do not talk about things that upset you if you want to be happy. So, moving swiftly on.

What I will say though is that this year, there will be a huge fight between my heart and my brain. Or rather, the emotions vs the brain.

Let’s just say that letting my emotions make decisions for me has caused me lots of hurt and pain. Especially in people relations.

Learning to trust properly will be another highlight this year. I trust too easily. Too optimistic for my own good. I believe everyone has good intentions. Those who was with me last year will know. Dumb yeah?


Alright, time to sleep. Just wanted to type something to distract myself.


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