adventures in the dark.

Woke up from a very bad nap. Throat was killing me, back was complaining, neck was aching. Randomly clicking on ipod touch and ordering dinner (Pastamania delivery!) when *thuds* The electricity went out.

The brother went, “What happened?” and I scrambled out of bed (to the protest of my entire body) to the power box. Tried the usual method of turning on the switch one by one, didn’t work.

Wanted to go out and try the main power box but realised that the parents locked it to prevent pranksters from fooling around with the switch. So, we are stuck with no electricity till they came back.

I went on Facebook to ask for help. Eddy was pretty nice and called me. The brother announced that he is going to MacDonald’s to study. CRAP! Stuck alone at home to wait for my dinner.

Was frantically msging the bestie and GW until I realised that Omnia is going to run out of batt. So, I stopped. Waited and waited. Nearly freaked myself out cause darkness do funny things to you. Opened the door in the end.

Had dinner in the dark. Read in the dark with the only torch light in the house. Played games on touchie. Mum called from overseas and told me to go out if I am scared. But too sick 😦

Thought of doing light-painting in the dark. Then, horror movie scenes crapped into my head. Decided to read some more. Going to the washroom in the dark was scary too.

3 hrs after the blackout, the siblings came home! At the same time! The parents apparently told them where the keys were and they went searching. Dang, I feel so much like a damsel in distress-.-

After about 15mins, they found it and *tada* LET THERE BE LIGHT! Not long after, the parents came home! We tried to find out what was wrong, plugged in the MioTv Box and *poof* sparks appeared and electricity went out!

Thought that was all! But when we plugged in our Mio modem, it started burning-.- So no internet for us! Thank god for internet sharing on Omny! Oh and, now when we try to switch on the TV, the light flickers.

BAH! The siblings will all be out tomorrow. So I guess it’s a good thing that I am sick and will be home to wait for the electrician to come. If he ever comes.

Darkness. Things lurk in darkness! Especially your imagination.


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