happy birthday, touchie(:

It’s because of a rather unfortunate reason that I remember the exact date that I bought my iPod Touch *shrugs*

Anyways, exactly one year ago, I took a cab down to Wheelock Place and traded in my 2 month old iPod nano. Funny enough, I also remember the exact date that I bought the nano. OH WELL!

Yes, I traded in my nice, shiny, NEW orange iPod nano (which was partly a birthday gift) because my sister got an iPod Touch and my friend was tempting me with this game on his iPhone. So, yes. I ish weak. I surrendered to peer pressure.

I remembered waiting impatiently at the counter while they determined the trade-in value of the nano because I was late for another appointment! I also remembered sms-ing my sister to tell her that my nano’s trade-in value was higher than her iPod Classic. HAHAHA!

YUP! Some funny stuff happened when I unboxed the iPod Touch. It was also the first time I saw a proper apple logo! I actually asked why the apple was scratched :X

I never quite got down to naming it like I did to the 3 iPod nano before. Now it’s just called, “touchie”! Influenced by Janelle!

So, here’s touchie after ONE year!

you're one!(:

It’s still surviving (barely)! The back is badly scratched and erm…the left side of the frame is actually popping out (look at the picture, you can see it). It has endured many many falls.  Most of which happened while I was dancing/strolling along the roads, swinging the arms and then PLONK! Opps.

Of course, it took me through my long journey to school THEN to work. Through bad periods (there are certain apps that I will NEVER use again because they bring back bad memories). Through good times! And it helped lazy me stay connected while I laze in bed (:

So yes, touchie. Even though I may get tempted by the sexier and flashier iPod nano, I lub you deep deep ok? (: You and Omny are the best duo ever! 😀

[P/S: Please try to stay alive for as long as possible!]


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