the thing about work.

Excluding the last time where I resigned and was more than ready to not work, I think there’s a pattern about work.

When you have not been working for a long time, the thought of starting work is daunting. Inertia. I almost didn’t go for the PT job at XM Asia cause of this.

Conversely, when you have been working, the thought of not working (again) is daunting as well. Like how I am feeling now since the project is coming to a close. The thought of not working again is BLAH.

With that said, even though the job was kind of monotonous (how interesting can checking websites be?), I kind of like it! Why? I guess because the fellow part-timers were fun and the environment was good! So yeah (:

Job-hunting efforts continues. Especially with recent happenings.

Anyone with lobang?

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