Bunny Days by Tao Nyeu

I have this habit of borrowing at least ONE children book everytime I visit the library (: You’ll be surprise at how good their fantasy stories are!

While waiting for bernice yesterday, I saw this book on display and started reading it –


And while the illustration was pretty cute, the story was a bit sadistic!

In the first story, the bunnies were muddy and then Bear had to put them in the washing machine and hang them to dry overnight!

In the second story, the bunnies were sucked into a vacuum cleaner and flung out of the bag!

The last story is the worst! The bunnies were playing hide and seek in the bushes when lo and behold!! Their tails were cut off! And that’s not all! The tails were then sew back on with a sewing machine!  I cringed when I read till that part!!

And the ending of all the stories were, “..And everyone was happy…” Like eh?

Abusing people make them happy? What’s the moral of all these stories?


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