Peranakan Trail (:

While QC-ing the new tourism site for STB [warning: flash in site. loads!], I stumbled upon the Peranakan Trail. Being 1/16 of a Peranakan, I am naturally curious and I tweeted it to the photog gang!

SO! Last Saturday, Victor and I was itching to shoot and he suggested the JooChiat/Katong district! He even found a really helpful brochure from URA – here.

And viola! Off we go on a Peranakan Trail! (:

colorful houses (:

First time setting foot in JooChiat! And I have to say, it has a rather interesting mix of buildings. A nice modern building can be situated next to a really rundown rustic building. Private estates are mixed with shop houses! POOF! An American pub popping out of nowhere! And I noticed something. There’s loads and loads of hotels. Big ones, small ones and not-so-big/small ones! Here’s a few –

Joo Chiat Hotel.

Jie Wei Hotel.

some random hotel. reminds me of Scarlet though.

Of course, not forgetting the Hotel 81! Didn’t take a picture of it though!

Other than hotels, loads of food stalls too? I don’t know if these are famous but they are places that cook food! I’m not much of a foodie XD

Fei Fei Noodles.

some coffee shop.

I must have lost my mind or something because I went onto the roads many times that day to take pictures of the building. Hearing me shout, “..if there’s incoming cars, call me!” is common that day!

at the road junction.

As we ventured into the Joo Chiat area, the feeling that we are no longer in Singapore grew. It reminded us somewhat of our trip to Malacca last year! There were rustic buildings, shops that still uses the wooden doors, shops closed for renovation and many more!


The best part is, we actually saw little kids playing on the streets. Half-naked with a stick in their hands! Great photog oppurtunity but I think we were a little shocked so none of us snapped that moment. Really feels like kampung!


It was really a good experience (: If not for photography and the great photo friends, I wouldn’t have even stepped food into the area! So thank you, Victor! For being the ‘guide’ again. QQ for sticking with us despite not feeling well. And Shuyun! For ditching Kampong Buangkok!

Where are we heading to next?! (:


For more pictures, go to my Facebook – Peranakan Trail! Comments and feedback are welcome(d?)!


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