happy birthday, mum (:

happy birthday! (:

And so another year has past (: Several ups and downs, left and right. Just want to thank you for always being there for me!

In the past year, thank you for..

For worrying about me on days where I lock myself in the room and cry. For standing by me. For supporting me. For nagging at me.
For always scooping extra rice into my bowl so that after I scoop out, I will still be eating a decent amount.
For always coming up with new dishes for me.

For everything (:

I know I am not the easiest person to get along with these past year (especially these 2 weeks) but thank you for tolerating all my nonsense! For never losing your patience with me.

The past year was not easy. Especially with the 2 health scare. But you stayed strong ! I’m so proud of you!!

May the coming year be smooth-sailing for you (especially your health)! And hopefully our birthday present to you will help to elevate the pain you feel on your feet.

I love you, Mummy! 😀

P/S: Stop worrying about me! I’ll find a job soon (: Promise!

the age is a secret! 😀


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