Samsung NX10 (:

Being the semi-Samsung fangirl that I am, when I heard about the Samsung NX10, I bugged DK about it and VIOLA! I have a review set to play with! YIPEEEE~

photo by

I am going to skip the technical mojo because I am sure you can find those at dpreview, [be prepared for a long read!] or just google/youtube it! 😀 Plus, my technical mojo knowledge is not that great. BUT!!! One thing you should note that the NX10 is mirrorless and uses an all Live View system [which means electronic viewfinder!] (:

I don’t really know how to go about talking about this camera but!

Summary: NX10 is like  my D300 +  my super ancient Panasonice Lumix LS1 ! Which is a good thing! Sometimes, I don’t want to lug around D300 but I want the flexibility that LS1 cannot provide!(:

Who is it for?: Well, if you think you are sick of a PNS but not ready for a DSLR, this is for you! 😀

Some stuff I really like!

1. Sensor to switch between LV and Electronic Viewfinder

This needs a little getting used to! Initially, you’ll feel like an idiot putting the camera to your eye when the screen is still on but once you get used to it, you’ll love it! Somethings (like Macro shots)  are better shot using Live View but some stuff are better shot while looking through the viewfinder. It could be a hassle to have to switch between the 2! With this function, you don’t have to!

It’s pretty funny to see DSLR users’ reaction when they are still getting used to this function. My brother actually shrank back and went, “..Eeeya! You are not tricking me right?” HAHAHAHA!

One thing though, the sensor can be a tad too sensitive sometimes.

2. Fast focusing speed

Like really! Doing panning shot with NX10 is a breeze!

We were trying out jump shots yesterday in the middle of the road and NX10 focused really quickly! Will post the photos up when DK uploads them.

3. Face Retouching

Discovered this by accident. We were all waiting for the sun to set at Punggol beach when we decide to take some self-shot with NX10! That was when we discovered that even when you are NOT in portrait mode, it touches up your face nicely! Every single face.

group shot!

And when you’re in Beauty Mode (under Scene mode), you can choose the level you want the camera to touch-up your face and whether it should change just the brightness, complexion or both. This is a shot I did while watching a soccer match.

No, I am not wearing any make-up! No, my skin is not THAT smooth! Very nice, no? Loads of PP work removed! Amazing, no? I also did an experiment with a scar on my leg and though it didn’t exactly removed it, it made it look so much more ‘gentler’!

4. Noiseless!

I think this is quite a good example. This is shot @ ISO3200!

Not too bad right! Even when I zoomed in or crop it, it still looks pretty okay. Not as grainy as I thought it will be.

4. Smart Scene Mode

Let’s face it. We all get a little lazy at times. This is where the Smart Scene mode steps in. So far, it has yet to disappoint! It almost always select the right ‘mode’ to use and get the picture I want.

sunset in smart scene mode.

5. Scene Mode

Not too bad too! Some modes that I tried out.

And I think what I am most impressed with is the Night Scenery mode. NX10 was already low on battery when I shot this [lasted 2 full days of shoot!] –

6. Some normal stuff.

Brought NX10 home for a day and my brother pounced on it. He tried a few stuff, one of which is –

Auto White Balance

in warm spotlight (note: you can't fight the warm tone. the camera can only make it less warm.)

testing auto WB in Fluorescent light.

in Fluorescent.

He played around with it and gave me an hour’s lecture about the technical mojos of the camera. But let’s just say, at the end of his one-hr with the camera, he took back most of his initial words about the camera. That’s quite impressive because he doesn’t really like Samsung!

And he is rather impressed that photos can be shot as RAW.

7. Very sweet bokeh.

Have I said that yet? YES! Surprisingly at F6.3, it still produces a rather nice bokeh!

yummy ice cream in my tummy. shot in manual and forgot to change the WB.

8. the LCD screen is pretteh!

Apparently, it uses some AMOLED screen. But heck, being the semi-bimbo that I am, previewing the pictures on that screen is nice! Come to think of it…When I was shooting in bright sunlight, I didn’t have to shield the screen THAT much to view the pictures.

9. The buttons.

Okay, I am a little ecky when it comes to this. While the Canon G11 that has EVERYTHING on the surface (which I think is confusing and messy), the NX1o has them all hidden.

BUT! The buttons are not intuitive enough. Your zoom button is not next to your preview button. Pressing the FN button brings you to whole load of stuff. One button has like 3 pictures drawn on it and you are like, “..okay. how do i get to that? * searches*” Even after 2.5 days of using it, I am still having difficulty!!

Things I didn’t get to try.

50-200mm lens and the much talked about 30mm pancake lens!

I only shot with the 18-55mm 😦 Why like that!

Hmm. I think that’s about it? Yup! Erm..if I made any boo-boos, let me know! (: Like I said, not a technical mojo person and….this is my first time writing a review ok!!

P/S: Dear Samsung, can I try one of your compact camera too? One with dual-screen perhaps? 😀


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