sleeping posture.

This is pretty random and potentially damaging to my image. Then again, what image? I am clumsy and klutzy! Nothing can be worse than that (:

Last month, my mum started the whole “I-want-to-buy-you-a-new-mattress” thing. I was pretty against it because I am a grown-up, I don’t want her to pay for my mattress! But I eventually let her buy me a new King-Koil mattress.

ANYWAY! While trying to convince myself that I am badly in need of a new mattress (which I was), I started noticing my sleeping postures.

If you google for sleeping postures, you probably come up with 6 common postures [read them here and here]. Occasionally, I will do a Fetus but that’s it! My positions are damn funny.

Position 1: At attention

This was before I got the new mattress. I will sleep on my back, facing the ceiling and have both my arms underneath my back. It’s like a soldier standing at attention but doing it lying down.

But this position has not appear since King-Koil arrived.

Position 2: Ballerina

Right arm above my head, right leg bend. Left arm on hip, left leg straight. Maybe a picture will help.


And the best part is…My bedframe is something like this but instead of the wooden bars, I have metal bars. So, my right hand is usually grabbing the metal pole and I will make sure that my right arm is totally stretched out.

I tell you. When that arm is stretched, you can feel the knot on my right shoulder loosening immediately *woosh!*

Position 3: Half-spread, half- side.

I have 3 pillows – 1 big, 1 small and 1 medium (consisting of 2 small in 1 sleeve). And this position makes full use of them all.

I will lie on my right side, facing the wall. Then, I will twist my lower body such that it is facing down (i.e. butt up). Right arm will stretch out behind my back. Left arm hugging the small pillow. Right leg is straight and then left leg will be bent with the knee propped onto the medium pillow at the side of the bed.

half-spread, half-turn.

So my right arm + left leg is spread across the bed! While the left arm + right leg is attempting to keep themselves in. I say, if anyone is to perform a psychoanalysis on me, they will say I have conflicting personality. HAHAHAH!

But yes. This is my favorite position to sleep in these days.

Position 4: The flopper.

Actually, this is quite common.

Face to the side, body on belly with arms spread out and dangling over bed. I so need a queen size bed!

Position 5: The legs up!

This has to be the weirdest of them all.

There are times when I wake up in the morning to find my legs up. As in upper body lying down, but the legs are up and crossed. Like 跷脚!

I think that’s it! So what are your common sleeping postures? Or do you KNOW your sleeping postures?


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