Running with Canon IXUS 130 @ USS (:

Being the unemployed that I am, I’ve been spending ample time in front of the television and reading magazines. This particular advertisement (both print and television) has been staring at me for quite some time.

scanned from 8days.

So when DK asked if I am interested to attend a Canon event, I immediately said yes. Praying and hoping that the IXUS 130 will be there for me to try out! It was of course a bonus that the event was held at the newly opened, Universal Studios Singapore! When I learnt that DK managed to get me an invite, I started reading up on the 3 cameras that will be present (first official event leh! must be hardworking abit!) and IXUS 130 still stand out for me!

Like, hello?! It appeals to the bimbo in me, can? PINK LEH! (If you still don’t know, I bejeweled my D300).


The task: We were each given one camera (either IXUS 130, IXUS 210 and Powershot SX210IS) and 3 hrs to go around USS to try out the camera!

By drawing lots, we were each assigned the camera model we will get. I got the Powershot, I think. But Ivy and I decided to swap cause she likes the Powershot more. So heee! I got the IXUS 130 (:

I CONFESS! I am not a big fan of Canon like my brother so in order to convince me that a Canon camera (be it DSLR or compact) is good will be tough. I may be curious about the IXUS 130 but I still have my doubt.

What did I think about the camera? [Summary]: I quite like it! Especially for the miniature, smart shutter, color accent and color swap functions (: Save me loads of photoshop work! 😀 However, I have some concerns about the ‘flaring” effect. But overall, quite worth it!

Breaking it down – Some stuff I really like!

1. Smart Shutter

When I first saw the commercial for the camera, I laughed and said, “..what a stupid function! The people posing in front of the camera cannot blink until the person placing the camera comes back! LIKE HELLO? FAIL!”

Therefore, the first thing that I tried when I got my hands on the camera was the Smart Shutter.

Under the smart shutter, there’s 3 modes – Smile, Wink and New Face. This means that the camera will take a photo when it detects a smile, a wink or when a new face enter the frame. So what do I think of it?

I take back my words! It’s actually quite a fascinating and brilliant function! No more, “QUICK! RUN RUN! The timer is about to go off!” I can actually place the camera, press the shutter and WALK leisurely into the frame, blink AND pose before the camera take a picture.

It’s actually pretty hilarious too! I kept going, “..Alright guys! BLINK NOW! *blink furiously myself*”!  Here’s another photo we took! This was in “New Face” mode. The one above was in “Wink” mode.

2. Miniature mode (or what I like to call, Tilt-Shift mode)

The feature that I am very very amazed with (:

If you think that only the pros who are skilled in Photoshop and own a tilt-shift lens can do tilt-shift, THINK AGAIN!

*Rewind* What’s tilt shift? Basically, it’s making life-sized products look like miniature ones. Like this!

Nope! I didn’t get rich and spend $700+ on a tilt-shift lens! This was done with the IXUS 130! (:

It’s really easy and idiot-proof! You get to select which area to be in focus and which to be out, and the size of the area! Once you’re done, just snap away and let the camera handle the rest! I was so infatuated with this function that I tried it on almost everything! Here’s a few examples –

Whee~ Other than creating tilt-shift effect, the Miniature mode can also be used to make words stand out.

Yupyup! I am tempted to buy the camera just for this mode! ❤ It is reason ENOUGH!

kingdom far far away.

[edit: for photo pros, please excuse my noobish explanation. I understand that miniature effect can be achieved with only lens-tilt(:]

3. Color Accent

I am always fascinated with pictures that only have ONE color standing out! I know it’s just a few simple steps in Photoshop/Lightroom, but I am rather lazy :X

So TADA! IXUS 130 can do it for me! 😀

You can choose the color that you want to stand out. Just point the camera at that color and press the left arrow. VIOLA! You can also choose how “saturated”/strong the color should be! Genius!

*imagines the possibility of using this functions on flowers*

So focus, I was on taking this picture that I forgot that the merry-go-round has stopped until a staff came and usher me down-.- OPPS!

4. Color Swap

Now, this is interesting! My favorite function after the Miniature! 😀 What’s color swap?

COLOR SWAP LOR! Hahaha! Just pick a color that you want to change and then pick the color you want that color to change to.

Initially, I tried it out on water –

water fountain.

But by accident, I took this picture! 😀 Bet you have never seen the sky in pink!

Well, now you do! 😀 You’re welcome!

If only the clouds were more majestic then. The color swap would have been nicer. Anyhoos! Montage!

And you know how photographers are always going after the magic hour?

*Rewind* What’s the magic hour? It’s usually the first/last hour of daylight (:  Lighting is usually warmer so you can push down your white balance to make the sky real blue! Read more here.

FORGET ABOUT THE TIME! With color swap, every minute can be magic hour!

I swapped the blue of the sky with the blue of a mailbox nearby! 😀 I forgot to take a picture of the sky in it’s natural color so I can’t do a comparison!:X

5. Smart-Auto mode

What happens when you turn lazy and just want to take picture ? You can swap to auto mode!

In this mode, you can literally be a lazy shooter (face it, we all get lazy sometime!). The camera will choose from 22 pre-defined situation shooting situations to ensure that you get the perfect picture! Does it work?

Well, I didn’t really try out this function but I think it’s pretty okay!

Some photos taken in this mode –

Yesyes, narcissistic much? BLEAH! 😛

Anyways, no worries about the camera choosing the wrong scene for you! 😀

6. HD Video

It takes HD video *dances around* Okay, you may ask what’s the big deal about this? Well, it is to me! Because a) my D300 cannot take video, b) my compact takes video without sound and c) Omny takes really lousy (puke-inducing, ear-breaking) videos!

PLUS! You know how videos can be really horrible with all the shaking and walking about (think Blair Witch Project)? I think IXUS 130 has some anti-shake thingy that prevents that from happening?

AND AND! Color accent and zoom works for video as well!

Here’s a video I took while I was on the merry-go-round!  Considering I was moving up and down, it’s quite okay!

(Warning: Lower down your volume. My voice abit sharp.)

Just in case Youtube is wonky, click here to go to the video.

Eh..wait! I feel cheated! My ride didn’t go up and down! It didn’t right? Eeeeeee! Why like that!!!!

7. Fish-eye effect

I am rather picky when it comes to fish-eye! So to be really honest, I am a little disappointed 😦

There’s 3 levels to choose from – Low, Medium or High. If you just want a little bit of curvature in your picture, then go for low. If you want to be extreme, just go high!

This was taken in High mode!

This was in High mode as well –

To a certain extent, the fisheye works! But to a certain extent, it doesn’t. Look at this picture –


It should elongate and distort my fingers to make it look REALLY scary. But it didn’t quite achieve that 😦

And then there’s this picture –


It only distorted my face + my right arms and not the rest of the picture 😦

I think the mode should be renamed to “Distortion” instead? Cause it distorts the photos more than it creates a fisheye effect! Another problem I had is that you can’t see which part of your photo is in focus when you are trying to shoot. Sigh.

But hey! You still can get creative with it! Like what I did with my eye in the picture above! Or with signs! It makes a boring sign look interesting!

8. A little problem.

I am sure this is not a big problem. Okay, let me rephrase! I am pretty sure this can be solved if given ample time with the camera.

Like I love to say, “All gadgets have their quirks. It’s all about living with them and learning to overcome them!” *ahem* I speak from experience!

Yes, IXUS 130 seem to have a bit of flaring problem when shooting dealing with scenes where there’s 2 lighting situation.

For instance,

too bright.

See that little ‘bright area’ at the right side of the picture? Yup, that’s the problem I am talking about. I think it’s called flaring.

Here’s another example –

pretty ladies on a car!

In this case, it works in the favor of the picture because it gives the photo a ‘dreamy’ feel! Perfect! Cause *ahem* I am sure it is every boy’s dream to see 3 sexy ladies sitting on a car? Right? RIGHT! *glares and hand over puke bucket to reader*

I am pretty sure the problem can be solved! Maybe it was because my ISO was not correct or something. Don’t really think it’s a problem with the camera though. Probably just the settings!


Things I didn’t get to try: Smart Auto (didn’t get to try in different environment); Changing the ISO; Changing the WB; Shooting in low light; Assisted PhotoStitch

All-in-all : Overall, I think this is quite a spiffy gadget to have (: Like I’ve said, the miniature effect is reason enough to buy the camera (: A few others agrees with me after seeing the pictures on Facebook! PLUS! It is very light (133g – about the same weight as an iPhone), very slim (17.8mm) and comes in different colors (I don’t have to bejewel it!).

For those of you who are interested to find out more – you can visit the official site or dpreview!

For more pictures taken by me with the camera, head to Facebook!

OKIE DOKES! That’s it from me!


The event: I think it’s pretty smart to hold the event at USS and giving us the chance to ‘test-drive’ the cameras! Why? Cause the best way to experience a camera is to test-drive it in a photog outing environment. A person may have a review set but that doesn’t mean they will bring it out for a test-drive. So yups! (: Only thing is..I wish we had more time! We were rather torn between shooting and trying out the rides! But OHWELLS!

Still, a great event! And thanks for the souvenir!

Thanks, DK for getting me an invite! Thanks, Canon and Ogilvy for the invite! 😀

*hangs rabbit foot on blogpost and sticks 4-leaves clover all over*


13 thoughts on “Running with Canon IXUS 130 @ USS (:

    • hey! what problems are you having?(:

      to use the ‘Color Accent’, just go to the mode, point at the color that you want to ne highlighted (red in my picture) and press the left arrows while you are pointing at it!

      to change how deep the color is just press up and down(:

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  3. I have a canon ixus 130 camera. Its new bit not working now. It shows E32 message just after 1 min and automatically shuts down. Disgusting !!!

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  5. hi there,
    i’m not a professional photographer and just experienced the auto mode from my friend’s ixus 95. and i feel like it’s good enough for me. i’m thinking of buying this ixus 130. so can you add review a little bit about the auto mode?

    • Hi Eun Joo,

      My review on the auto mode is under Number 5. Smart-Auto mode Personally, I think the auto mode is okay. One of my colleagues bought the IXUS 130 and she uses purely auto mode. So far, no complains from her.

      But do note that quality is subjective. What looks good to one person might be bad to another (: Plus, you shouldn’t compare the quality of the photos you took with a S95 and an IXUS 130 as there’s some difference in their system.

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