Audi Fashion Festival: Marchesa brought to you by Samsung(:

It was during the casting party that Daniel Goh asked if we wanted tickets to the show. Knowing that this is an experience that is hard to come by, Mus and I immediately said yes! 😀 DK and Victor managed to get a ticket too! So off we go to the show!

I tell you! I spent so much time deciding on what to wear. From Plurk to MSN (Joy, Mus, DK) to Facebook to msging people on Facebook (Jas, ber, cynthia, mabel, Jolene, Janelle, Victor)!

The day before the event, I msged San to help me with my make-up! That sweet sweet darling friend of mine agreed instantly! WHHEEE! She’s meeting me with her senior, Peiling! 7.30, Fairmount Hotel’s washroom! MUACKS!

The night before the event, ber and I had a late night discussion (around 4am!). We were debating the pros and cons of the dresses when she said, “ know, i actually have a lot of dresses.”  THAT’S IT! I was heading to her house before the event!

At 5+ that day, I lugged 2 safe dress and 2 pairs of heels to her house! She threw out half her closet of dresses and we decided on 3. A purple dress, a flirty flower dress and a white toga  dress. Basically, we were deciding between elegance, flirty (and it makes my boobs look huge) or being me!

She also showed me her heels selection, her belt selection, her accessories selection, her hair product selection (anti-frizz serum FTW!) and her perfume selection (but I brought my Anna Sui!).

I love this woman! (:

In the end, I ended up looking like this –


and pose!

the make-up.

the heels.

Victor said I look nicer without make-up. Really? Hmmm. But ohwell! You know how fuss-free I am. Even if I dabble in the world of make-up, it won’t be the thick, wayang kind. Probably something really light.

ANYWAYS! That was the most dolled up I have seen myself since…since…since…EVER! OMG.

But yes. It was a great night out (: I even took my D300 along! (Yes! It fit into my pretty bag!) But apparently, I don’t look elegant anymore when I whipped out the camera. BUT BUT! If I didn’t bring them out, how would I be able to take these pictures!

pretty pink shoes! (:


favorite model of the night! (:

It was a great show! With dresses that I adore 😀 I almost felt like I am on Project Runway and ANTM! I was half expecting Heidi Klum to come out and say, “..Hello, everybody! Today, we have 3 very talented designers from Project Runway..” HAHAH! But yups (: One thing though, I would have like the models to walk with more bounce in their steps! In this way, the flow-ish dresses would have flowed and the show will be more alive? Then again, who am I to comment? Heh.

I even had champagne! Can I say that my alcohol tolerance has level up? The headache didn’t strike me until I was halfway home!

So here’s a HUGE THANK YOU to Samsung and Daniel for sending us the invites!

To San, Peiling and Bernice for dolling this woman up! (Removing the makeup took 45minutes._.)

To DK, Victor and Mus for offering your hands so that I won’t fall in the 3.5 inch heels!

To Nadia for voting for the pink dress (everytime I ask) ! 😀

And to everyone who gave me your opinion, thank you! 😀

Can I go again next year? (:

More photos at Facebook!


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