meRadio for iPhone and iPod touch(:

All Mediacorp radio stations are back online (Read it here)! Not that it matters since Class 95 has been back since December. But STILL! Heh.

SO! Other than the unoffical MediaCorp iPhone application, Mediacorp has officially launched a new application called, “MeRadio”. Me is short for Mediacorp, I presume.

Downloaded it on Saturday while waiting for the Tech65 crew to finish their recording. I was so pleased with it that I actually clapped my hands quietly (so as to not disturb the recordings)! 😀

AND AND!! The radio doesn’t go off when your iPhone turns off or goes into screensaver mode (like I call it)! Cool right?

When you first enter the application, you get to choose from a list of radio stations.

Select the station that you want, click on “Listen Live” and TADA!

3 interesting features for this application! One is that you can listen to the radio while you use other applications! The other is that you can actually share what you are listening on Twitter! And the best of all, YOU GET LYRICS!!!


Just clicked on the picture of the song that is playing and VIOLA!

I don’t know if there’s lyrics for EVERY song but 3 out 4 times that I tried, the lyrics are provided! For both English and Mandarin stations. Right at this moment, I am looking at the lyrics of “爱我的人和我爱的人” and singing out loud! 爱我的人为我痴心不悔; 我却为我爱的人甘心一生伤悲; 在乎的人始终不对.

Background Listening.

When you press on the background button, the application will close and Safari will pop up. Leading you to a screen that says, “Listen Live” or something. When you click on that, this will pop up!

I can’t decide if this is a player or part of the web browser! But yes! It works! When this pops up, you are free to use other applications! Wheeee~ And like I said, once it is playing, just leave it there and even when your phone goes into screensaver mode, it will continue to play (:


You can share via Email (kind of pointless?) or via Twitter! Okay, I tried the Twitter sharing but it’s been an hour since and it has yet to appear on my profile. Ermm..FAIL? Work in progress? But I think the Twitter msg should go something like, “…I am listening to [insert song name] on Class95 via MeRadio!”  If only it will automatically add the hashtag, #nowplaying!

Not so good.

One thing though, this application sucks battery life like no other application. It has a slight lag too! But that’s expected.



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