Nokia Insider Night: Are You Game?

Always happy to receive invites to event(: Especially with a name like that! *ahem* I am a NOKIA INSIDER! I know secrets that you don’t! Heheheh! Nah!

On a more serious note, I haven’t been a Nokia user since my 3210 died on me (yes, that long!). I had a brief fling with N97 when Omny died and DK lend me his. But that’s about it! So it was with a jumpy heart that I went for the event. The question, “What if I look like an idiot?” kept running through my mind!

But HOORAH! The night was more about games (with a name like that, I should have known!) than phones!

Nokia has partnered with Breakdesign to design a series of short yet ADDICTIVE games for the Nokia Ovi Store (ohh! i see loads of iPhone games there too! *impressed and suaku*). There are about 3 games available now – That Roach Game South Africa, Ninjani and the latest and newest, Mosterilla! More games will be released as the weeks goes by (:

Anyways, we were allowed to try all 3 games that night on some of Nokia’s new spiffy phones like N900 and N97! Everyone was busy crushing roaches but I refused! I don’t want to dream about those icky things (kudos to the graphic design people!)! The cockroaches look like real ones can? PLUS! I don’t want REAL roaches to come find me (KARMA!)! Here’s an idea of how the game goes –

So I was just sitting there and laughing at JLee and Victor when someone offered me….Monsterilla! *thunders*

Monsterilla is definitely built for the ladies! It’s a) colorful, b) cute and c) puzzle-ish! 😀 I can’t find a Youtube video! So here’s some pictures I koped from the Ovi Store.


It is something like Bejeweled but it’s slightly cuter! 😀 So this game kept me occupied for the most part of the night! 😀

Something interesting about these games is that you can actually upload your scores and see which are the top players and countries! Check them out at! Plus, monthly competition will also be held and I heard that great prizes can be won (: No harm trying it out no?

Anyways, can’t wait for more games to be released! 😀 Maybe I should go bug people with Nokia phones to lend me theirs! HAHAHAHA! So you better RUN!!


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