the boys don’t get it.

While sitting at Starbucks after dinner, we started talking about something that is swept under the carpet for now. But because of that topic, somehow or another, the guys started teasing me about my grooming skills (or the lack of it).

The most obvious one will be my nails.

Victor couldn’t stand how I just let my nails chip. DK was scrutinizing at how uneven my nails were painted. And JLee was there playing along.

Some of the quote they said –

Victor: Please. You so ‘chor lor’ can don’t paint your nails not? Leaving them like that *points at chip paint* very ‘lao kui’ (throw face).

DK: *to Victor* You cannot pick on the chip paint. That one cannot be blamed. THIS *points to unevenly painted nail* UNEVEN LEH!


DK: I think we can do better than her.

And the guys went, “Yah lor, yah lor” in unison. I know this is just random friendly teasing like how my secondary school friends STILL like to tease me about being an airport after so many years. And I am not angry.

But really. I think guys don’t get it. They think painting nails is simple. They think maintaining it is simple and is just a matter of being careful. They think trying to untangle your hair and NOT chip your nails co-exist. They think removing nail polish is easy. [I am not even going to talk about the facial care, the waxing, the shaving and etc]

SO! Here’s my questions to all guys.

1. Do you guys know how much stuff we have to put before actually painting the colors?
2. Do you know how many layers of colors we have to put?
3. Do you know how much stuff and how many layers of it we have to put AFTER we paint the colors?
4. Do you know how long we have to wait before we apply each product and each layer? And how long after everything we have to wait before we can use our hands as per normal?
5. Do you know how to maintain the colors?
6. Do you know how many things we CAN’T do while painting the nails?
7. Do you know how to paint the nails without spoiling the painted ones?
8. Heard about buffing, filing and nail shaping?

Here is my challenge. (DK and Victor have to take it.)

I will provide you guys with all my nail products. I will even BE KIND and let you use the Skin Food nail polish that Ber got me from Korean. They are the easiest nail polish to control.

Then, I am going to ask you guys to paint my nails for me. We’ll see how well you guys manage then. AND THEN! After about one week, I am going to provide you guys with nail polish remover and invite you guys to remove them for me.

The perfect challenge would be to ask you guys to paint your own nails and see how well/long you guys can keep it. But ok, I understand that work doesn’t allow that. So, mine will have to do.



9 thoughts on “the boys don’t get it.

  1. Did I say that I can do better? I don’t think so, but I went “hahahahha”

    No. I am not taking up this challenge. You can stay on with your chipped paint.

    Having nail polish is not a necessity. Your nails look better without those chipped paint.

    The ultimate decision lies on you. I shall shut my mouth on your nails.

    I rest my case.

    • i dont think it is okay for you to take this tone with me now. the least you could do is APOLOGISE.
      i am not angry before. but now i am.

      like i told DK, i can no longer tell when you are dissing me or when you are just teasing.

      maybe it’s confusing for you. let me clear it up for you.
      i created this challenge not purely bcos i am angry with the part where you guys agreed/laughed/said that you are better than me. i am angry with the part that you said that i am ‘chor lor’ and i am ‘xia suay’.
      that hurt. especially when you also did it in front of my friend 2 Wednesday ago.

      so there.

  2. note to all. i wrote this post FOR FUN! cause they were teasing me so i thought i will TEASE back. so if you can’t take teasing, then DON’T tease people.

  3. I can’t paint my nails! Always ended up too thick or damn ugly. I shall leave it to the experts!

    My ex tried painting my nails and it sucks. :p its not as easy as painting in art class wor!

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