Essay for my job application.

While looking through my resume and stuff, I found the essay I wrote while I was applying for the position at MOE (which I left after 6 mths there).

It’s actually pretty refreshing to read what I’ve written. They are values that I still hold dear to me, but that I might have forgotten along the way.

The topic was “Key achievements/activities/interests and how they reflect my values and beliefs”.  (So typically government no?)

Not going to share everything but here are some excerpts.

About being helpful
..a value that I hold very strongly if it is within my ability to help, I should and will try my best to help.

About perseverance
…that no matter how tough a situation anyone is in, a little bit of perseverance and optimism will get them through it. No one should ever give up without trying their hardest.

About hardwork
I also believe that being hardworking pays….as long as I have tried my best and gave my all, the end result doesn’t matter. Because even if I fail, I know that I’ve done everything I could and from my failure I will most definitely learn something.

So, what about you? What are your beliefs and values? Have you thought about them? Do you know what they are?

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