Nokia N97 mini + Canon IXUS 210 (:

Monday had been pretty exciting for me (: 1 interview and 2 new gadgets!

I hope my interview went well :X But special thanks to Jie En who called me at 2am the day before to give me a pep talk (:


I love to say that I am a bimbo geek. Because I love new gadgets. Be it new phones, new laptops, new cameras or anything, my mood will almost always be good (:

SO! When I woke up this morning and saw this in the living room, I knew the day should be pretty alright (:

Nokia N97 Mini

After writing about the Nokia Inside Night last week, I received an email from Paul. He was from WOMWorld, a Nokia sponsored platform that covers conversation about Nokia products and services! He asked if I am interested in trying out the Nokia N97 mini and having heard much great reviews from Nicole, I agreed immediately (:

SO all the way from London (I think), I present Nokia N97mini [mine for 2 weeks!]

Once again, thank you, Paul and WOMWorld for giving me the oppurtunity (:

Canon IXUS 210

Remember my post about running around USS with Canon IXUS 130? The 3 most creative and informative blogpost win a prize and very luckily, I won 2nd! šŸ˜€ So I won myself a IXUS 210!

I chose black instead of pink though! Cause this is slightly bulkier than the IXUS 130 and I think black will make it look slimmer! HAHAHAHAHA!

But seriously, black is more versatile! I can bring it to all sort of events! Even formal ones! (:

My first 15-minute with it feels kind of strange caused it’s all touch-screen? And I am not very used to it. YET! But ahwell (:

Let me know if you want to play with it! (:

And thank you, Canon and Ogilvy šŸ˜€

Now, where are my stickers? I think I need to bejeweled it. Maybe an Elmo sticker will do *mumbles and goes off to search for stickers*


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