the radio in the bathroom.

There’s a radio in the bathroom where I bathe. Why?

Not because I love a particular station so much that I need to have it on 24/7 though. I think it started when I was 12.

There’s this period of time when I was so afraid of ghosts that I actually need my mum to sit outside the bathroom to talk and wait for me while I bathed. After awhile, she got sick of it and refused to do it.

So I started shifting the HUGE radio we had in the kitchen to the master bedroom’s bathroom (where I bathe). And then my mum got sick of that too! Then Carlsberg started giving out free radio! So my dad (who owns a shop then) brought one home and gave it to me!

Since then, the radio has been my companion (: It has changed from the initial football radio to retro radio to retro radio to the small silver radio now! Heh.

I am well-known for taking FOREVER to bathe. I guess it’s because of the radio too 😛 SO! BLAME IT ON THE RADIO!!

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